Five Answers to World Overpopulation

We’re expected to reach 7 billion people by July 2012. Doom-n-gloomers are on the media trail, attempting to solve for this immense “problem.” Here are 5 premises to replace the outdated arguments.

Jeub Children

Are children overpopulating or blessing the earth?

If there is one political persuasion that is crucially important to make today, it’s this one: Children are a blessing. It’s unfortunate that this is more of a political statement today than one based on love and life. Children are NOT a detriment to society, but the political drum of overpopulation continues to beat its fallacy.

The overpopulation premise must be taken out.

1. People bless one another (Opposition: Human beings are detriments to society.)

Remember that classic Twilight Zone about the man who got his wish that everyone was just like him? He hated people, and he wished everyone acted just like him. After everyone in the world was turned into grumpy old guys like him, he finally saw how ridiculous such a wish was.

This is the disposition of those who view people as detriments. They’re grumpy people. They don’t see life as precious and a blessing to the world. They see life as exhausting, detrimental, a hinder. In other words, they’re grumpy. If everyone were like them, this world would be a sad place to live.

2. People enrich the environment (Opposition: Human beings harm the environment.)

We do a lot of writing on this one, especially when we write about our hunting expeditions. We are conservationists who do much more good to the environment than the downtown yuppy carrying a sign about harming the planet. Even some religious folks have jumped on the environmentalist bandwagon, buying their bag of goods as being “good stewards” of the earth.

Let’s speak to this. “People” are mandated to be good stewards; they are not labeled harmful diseases to the earth. People are the solution. In this respect, environmentalism (people are a curse) is in conflict with conservationism (people are stewards). We argue that the latter is much more biblical.

3. People add to the economy (Opposition: Human beings cost money.)

There are two ways of viewing people: (1) mouths to feed, typically by the government, and (2) mouths that feed, creative individuals who add to the economy. The first is a socialist mindset, the second is capitalist. The more people, the more creativity, the more inventions, the more economic stimulation, and so the healthy cycle of growth continues.

The opposition believes people are just mouths to feed. People — when this worldview is played out — turn into parasites living off the government. These economies fail, as has happened in the former USSR and is happening today throughout Europe. How many economies need to fail before socialists understand that their economic system is based off a false view of humanity?

4. People are inherently resourceful (Opposition: Human beings consume limited resources.)

Let’s talk about those mouths to feed. India gained its independence in 1948, after which it was ruled by socialists for 40 years. The country plummeted into starvation. Some point to the huge population of India as its cause. This is shortsighted and naive.

The proof is in the turn of the 1990s. The socialists were removed from power and free markets helped boomed the economy. Today, India is a thriving country, one of the fastest developing economies in the world. The population continues to go up, and more and more of them continue to feed themselves.

5. Parents should have more children (Opposition: Couples should remain childless.)

This one really gets ’em going. We say it loud and clear: Love Another Child. You’re doing the world, the earth, and us all a favor by doing so.

What do you think? Do you have answers to the overpopulation “problem”?

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • BJ

    LOVE it!!!!!!!!

  • http://creatingtreasures.blogspot.com tereza

    You said it all. :)

  • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/41ec34f629ec3639735dd73ccfaae133.png Chastity

    You hit the nail on the head!

    Something that has often baffled me is that the same people who are trying to control the population are the ones that are carrying on about the loss of life in the wars. I don’t understand? Some of them say the only thing war is good for is population control. How horrible!

    I come from an Air Force family and my husband’s is a Navy family. We love our country and understand the choices that are made when serving. To serve and stand for your country is a CHOICE. Just as it is to be a Christian and stand for the Bible.

    I don’t think the opposition knows anything beyond what THEY think is right and wrong; and those are usually in opposition of themselves too. They are VERY double minded.

    I am so glad to have the Lord Jesus in my life!

  • Erika

    AMEN! I completely agree.

  • http://www.familyofseven.com Jennifer

    I think you’ve covered all the bases. Personally, I think that instead of worrying about something that MAY be a problem, these people should be concentrating on what problems we have NOW. If the Lord hadn’t seen fit to bless me with 6 kids, I had planned to adopt, rather than try to get pregnant. All of my kids were “accidents” (I was on birth control with all of them) so I accepted that I was meant to have the beautiful kids He gave me!

  • chrreymea

    jeaniel clarin