How Life Has Changed

Tabitha got The Game of Life for Christmas. I remember it as a favorite to play when I was a child. Boy, has my perspective of life has changed!

The Game of Life

Remember this game? Every player gets a plastic car and spins a wheel to trot around the board. The squares tell you what to do, and the one to make it to retirement with the most money wins.

Is the world in the great depression because of this game? Perhaps. Consider these things.

1. The cars only allow for 4 kids. All my kids were hoping for the extra kids to stick into the cars.
2. College (costing only $40,000) gave the better life. Is that still the same today?
3. Nothing encourages entrepreneurship. I looked for just one square that said something like, “Invented miracle drug” or “Bought successful business.” Everything revolves around better careers and Pay Day squares.
4. Taxes were outrageous: about 25% of a person’s salary. I don’t remember taxes being so high when we were kids.
5. Class envy was encouraged. Every time someone landed on “Sue Any Player,” the richest one got sued.

It’s safe to say, that Wendy and I didn’t follow The Game of Life. We jumped the board. Life is nicer here.

About Chris Jeub

Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • Liz

    I remember playing one time and getting more than 4 kids. The other players just let me get another car :)

    • Sheila, Mom to Six

      That happened to me, too, Liz. :) My cars just moved the squares together.
      Thanks for a chuckle today, Jeubs!

  • http://workingdiva.wordpress.com ElleBee

    “Jumped the board”…I love it! Would that we all could “jump the board” and live a life as God, not society, defines.

  • http://www.xanga.com/wewinnow Tammy (wewinnow)

    I liked the older version of the game. I did not like the new one – too complicated!
    When we would get more than 4 children we would just stuff them in the car somehow!!

  • Bea

    You can sue people now in that game?!? I’m very glad that our family has the old version! Actually the best game I’ve liked to show our kids “life” was the first version of the Sims. We don’t have a computer that will run it anymore but my oldest two girls realized very fast that when played realistically (which we made them do) adult life wasn’t all they thought it would be. Of course I think that franchise went a more MTV route now so there is no way I’d let them play the current version!

  • Abby

    Oh Bea you have reminded me of our old Sims game I don’t think we have the technology for it anymore…..except I admit to looking up the CHEAT to get more money and not telling my children…..oh my, I’ll just hide behind the wall now as the terrible mother….

    There are times one thinks life would be awesome if like Monopoly you get $200 for passing GO on every new step you take in life….

    I see my life more as a great big game of Twister at the best of times….tie yourself in a knot and when you fall you pck yourself up again :)

  • TJ

    I don’t mean to be judgmental, but just curious as to why you would allow your kids to have and play this game if you are not in agreement with the “values” it teaches kids. I do remember playing it when I was a kid too, and I guess it really has changed, I don’t remember being able to sue other players, how sad!!

  • http://creatingtreasures.blogspot.com tereza

    hey, here is an idea… why don’t homeschoolers create some games that are actually true to their reality???

    I try hard to find books and things that are true to my unschoolers reality… it’s a treasure hunt but worth it!!!


  • TJ


    While I’m not a homeschooler, I do like your idea for kids to have games that reflect their reality, though, on the other hand I think it’s important for kids to understand the reality of others as well, although the idea of teaching kids about suing others, there is something seriously wrong with that in my opinion.

  • Beth

    I used to stack babies on top of the babies already in the car ๐Ÿ˜€

  • http://creatingtreasures.blogspot.com tereza

    hi TJ, I agree with you.

    Unfortunately today in the majority of books and TV programs school is the only reality portrait. And lawsuits are becoming the “norm” too.

    have a great week. :)