How Do You Two Write Together?

People wonder how we write this blog. Most of the posts (like this one) are written by “Chris & Wendy,” but it isn’t as if we’re sharing the same keyboard. We have crafted a workflow that keeps this blog going, and it’s interesting how it reflects the love in our marriage. Let’s explain.

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This blog is powered by WordPress, a blog software that gives permissions to whomever we wish. Both of us have administrative permissions. In our posts, we have a huge drafts folder — currently over 40 drafts. We seldom post right off the bat. If there is not an urgency to the post, we let it sit for the other to read. We will edit, touch up, add a point or two, remove a point or two, etc.

We are family folk. We blog about family things. Our blog subtitle, “Growing Love in the House,” is what fills our minds and our thoughts. Our USP (a business term for “unique selling proposition”) is to encourage parents to love another child, the title of our new book. The both of us are constantly thinking of new ways to get this proposition out there. Really, we want you to love your family!

More specifically: I (Chris) am an editor. I own a publishing company. Wendy has a number of drafts in the draft folder that I go through, just as I do with all the authors who work for me. I start a number of articles myself. Wendy goes in and puts her 2-cents in. She is more of a hands-on person than a writer. Right now she’s planning another YouTube video on chores.

See how this works? It’s much like a dance in our family routine.

Want to know something? This has helped galvanize our marriage. Sounds kind of mechanical, but it isn’t. It moves nicely with our family affairs; if it didn’t, we wouldn’t be doing it. Subscribe to our blog to keep up on the daily posts!

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.