Obama vs. Ryan: Whose Roadmap Is More Responsible?

Paul Ryan

I was elated to hear Paul Ryan picked for the rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Address. We graduated from the 8th grade together from St. Mary’s in Janesville, Wisconsin. He knows his stuff, and he knows how to weed out fiscal fallacies when he hears them.

I clicked around some websites last night. The President will be calling for more spending programs, as if he hasn’t enough. The media is amuck with defenders of his tax-and-spend policies. Here are three horrendous fallacies that Ryan seems to find himself on the offensive…

1. “Cutting taxes = raising the government deficit.”

No, it doesn’t. Cutting taxes invigorates the economy, gives businesses the chance to hire people, and ultimately brings in more tax revenue.

This is basic Reaganomics for you (and it works!). When folks are allowed to keep their own money (most notably from cutting taxes), the economy is stimulated. When the economy is stimulated, people make more money. When people make more money, the government is able to collect more in taxes. This has been proven every time government cuts taxes. Those who claim cutting taxes would raise the deficit are claiming something that is not true.

2. “Spending cuts will mean fewer teachers, firemen, policemen, bridges, etc.”

Last week Republicans earmarked $2.5 trillion in spending cuts. Holy smokes, to think there is that much in the government’s budget is mind-boggling. See a breakdown here. There is plenty to cut without ever coming close to basic needs of governmental infrastructure. This is a false dilemma laid out by those who want to keep afloat endowments, entitlements and pork projects.

3. Government is better than privatization (of Social Security, medical insurance, etc.).

Okay. Name me one — just one — financial system that does better under government care than the private sector. Health insurance? Look at Europe or Canada. Social Security? Not many are banking on it. Welfare? Churches still trump it. Banking? Mortgages? Student loans? Truth is simple: stripping government of its purse strings means revitalization of our economy.

Still, the President will appeal for more spending. It’s offensive. If the President was interested in cutting the deficit, he would have done so by resisting the record spending these past two years.

Go P.D.!

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Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • http://workingdiva.wordpress.com ElleBee

    Oh Chris, you’ve CLEARLY not been paying attention. It’s not SPENDING. It’s INVESTING. Hah. Oh how I wish there were a sarcasm font.

    In reading Mr. Ryan’s bio, I discovered that he and I went to the same undergraduate university. I knew Miami was raising some smart conservatives! :) Looking forward to hearing his rebuttal tonight.

    • Chris Jeub

      Oh yeah, investing. That’s the ticket. (extreme sarcasm)

      I’m praying for Paul Ryan that he hits a homerun tonight. I have confidence that he’ll stick to his principles, in which case he won’t go wrong.

  • Chris Jeub

    Holy smokes. Paul Ryan is on the front page of Drudge Report “A Star Is Born”!!! See DrudgeReport.com.

  • Kirsten

    Why were his eyes so red? The teenagers were distracted by them. Petty, I know.

    • Kirsten

      In all seriousness though, he did a great job!

  • John Canevari

    I love this guy! He’s presidential material for sure. You guys are breeding them good in WI these days!

    • Chris Jeub

      I totally agree. I just got in touch with one of our classmate via Facebook. He has a basketball signed by everyone on our little basketball team of 11 boys. He said, “I better save this basketball…it’ll be worth a lot someday!”

  • christina

    But wasn’t Ryan in some sort of unsavory scandal with his wife and a “woman of leisure”??? That’s not the type of conservative i’m looking for.