Initial Feedback from ‘Love Another Child’

Feedback from Love Another Child

Many of these reviews are included in the first few pages of the book.

The Jeubs don’t do anything small. When they make a commitment they dive in and give it their best. As the committed parents of 15 children and with another on the way, Chris and Wendy have some wisdom that every parent needs to hear. The number of children we have is not what matters; knowing how to create an atmosphere of love and support to the children we have does matter. This family knows how to do that. I wish I had read this book 30 years ago. I would have been a better dad. I might have also had more children.

—Ken Davis
Ken Davis Productions

If you have a, shall we say, petite family like my wife and I do (one child and not really counting right now), you don’t have to work very hard or think very long about your family decisions. You certainly don’t have to try to persuade anybody else to follow your example. If you’re at 15-going-on-16 children like the Jeubs, though, you are truly doing something that’s worth sharing, worth trying to convince others that it’s a joy to love another child. Chris and Wendy not only deserve the platform they’ve been given (through this book, online and on TV), they make great use of it, facing down the giants of fear, apathy and cultural coercion to shape their family the way God called them to shape it—in a word, LARGE!

—Steven Isaac
Colorado Springs

After having spent time with Chris, Wendy and the 13 youngest children as house guests, it is good to see them answer their critics. They are a blessed family! How precious that they “walk their talk” and that they have been blessed with yet another child to love. From watching the sibling interactions to the nightly prayer time where even the youngest Jeubs chime in on cue, Chris and Wendy are training and discipling their children on a daily basis. If you want to know how parents develop deep relationships with each child, just live with them for a few days and you will see how they capitalize on each child’s strengths. God has blessed the Jeubs, and with His guidance, the arrows He has given them will fly straight and true when the time comes.

—Marie Stout
California Mom to Five Children

Chris and Wendy, with crystal clarity, articulate the joy and rewards of accepting more children as a blessing. Th e greatest factor in most couples’ reluctance to love another child is fear. It is fear that holds most of us back. Not enough money… Not enough time… Can’t give attention to so many children… What will my parents think?… How many children can my body stand? When you read Love Another Child you will learn courage and have peace.

—Ron and Ruth Stauffer
Colorado Parents to Nine Children

Every young couple should read this book and contemplate its personal, heartfelt, and love-filled message. Chris and Wendy are bold messengers of the truths about having children that modern society rejects. As a natural childbirth advocate, I also am glad for their voice for a healthy and normal view of childbirth.

—Jessica Hulin, CBE, CLD

I loved this book! This is much more than a story of embraced fertility; it is a story of a deep faith in God, personal faithfulness and friendship inside and outside of family, and forgiveness toward short-sighted foes. This book motivates and inspires!

—Patricia Byrnes
Anchor of Hope Ministries

If you are wondering if you could love another child, this thought provoking book is a must read! The Jeubs clearly explain why they welcome 16 children into their family. They confess that they are not supernaturally patient or extra-gifted at organization, and you don’t have to be either! They are simply willing to let God’s love and grace carry them through the journey of raising a large family.

—Connie, Mother of Eight

The Jeubs remind us through their candid talk and insightful help what many have overlooked: Children are our priceless treasures. Choosing life is a lifestyle that embraces the treasures around your table. In spite of the culture’s persuasions and economic fears, children are assets and our greatest resources to be cultivated in love. Chris and Wendy’s casual way of writing makes you think you are sitting at their table over a cup of coffee as they pour into you their love for family and the challenge to love another child.

—Gail McWilliams
Author and Speaker

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About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Katherine Wooten

    I can’t wait to order this book. “Love in the House” and “Love Another Child” need to be in my library, and the home of every Christian family!!

    • Chris Jeub

      Wendy and I agree. EVERYONE should read this book. We’re chomping at the bit with anticipation for our first shipment of books!

  • JAC

    REQUESTING FROM YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY: My wife and I have been eagerly waiting to read this book, but there wasn’t room for it in our budget this month, so we asked our local library if they might purchase a copy for their collection. Within about 2 hours, I received a reply saying they would be ordering a copy today!

    We know of at least 2 libraries in our area that will purchase patron-requested books, and basically all you have to do is ask. We think this is great, because it allows us access to more books (and our taxes support the library, so it seems like good stewardship on their part). And then for books that we read “for free” from the library, we will sometimes order a copy for ourselves later, if it’s something that will be a good family resource (as this one sounds like it will be).

  • JAC

    I enjoyed reading our local library’s copy of LOVE ANOTHER CHILD, and my wife also surprised me with a copy for my birthday! Now it’s her turn to read it!

    I found the whole book very compelling, but the sections dealing with marriage were especially strong and important. I really think Chris & Wendy Jeub have tackled from every angle the objections and hesitations that so many folks have to the blessing of children. And I was previously impressed with their book LOVE IN THE HOUSE. So… which Jeub book should I read next??? : )

    • Anonymous

      Quick answer: All of them! (Heh.) I pulled this quote for tomorrow’s post. Thank you for your encouragement!

      • JAC

        You’re welcome. Thanks for writing good books! I think we may try one of the cookbooks next.