What Should We Debate Next Year? (LD Edition)


Students across the country will be debating one of the three resolutions below.

A couple days ago I posted the Team-Policy resolutions. Today I want to post the Lincoln-Douglas resolutions.

Lincoln-Douglas (LD) debate is a 1-on-1 format named after the famous debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas in the 19th century. The format is 1-on-1, but the type of debate is more significant. These debaters argue values, not policies. Debaters typically refer to philosophers and historical examples for support, rather than news items or studies like policy debaters.

Stoa released their resolutions, and students are already buzzing about them. Here are the three up for vote:

  1. Resolved: When in conflict, personal freedom ought to be valued above economic security.
  2. Resolved: America’s leadership role in the world is overvalued.
  3. Resolved: That preservation of justice is the ultimate justification for law.

Which resolution should we vote for? And why?

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  • James Byrnes

    I think that we should go for B. There is not enough room for arguments or cases within A, and C. is too limiting.

    But, I would appreciate it if you gave me more input and showed me otherwise.


  • PatriciaByrnes

    Resolution C seems to encompass far more breadth from which to debate. Without the preservation of justice, A and B are seemingly irrelevant. :-)