Platform Speaking

Lydia's Expos

Lydia, waiting for her judges to finish a previous ballot. Her expos speech has done quite well. An "expos" uses props and boards to convey a message. Can you guess what is under the curtain?

Everyone knows that public speaking is the most feared activity among adults. Surveys show that many people would prefer death over the lectern! We raise our children to embrace the lectern, and in the end, the engage in the fullest life.

We do so through the homeschool organization of Stoa, a league of Christian homeschool member families. The league drafts the rules for two debate events and 10 speaking events, plus hosts a final invitational in June, the National Invitational Tournament of Champions (or NITOC, as they call it). Dozens of tournaments are peppered throughout the country where families gather to attempt to qualify to the national tournament.

We have five students in our family competing this year. Already, Cynthia and Lydia have secured qualification in Team-Policy Debate. Cynthia has qualified in Extemporaneous Speaking and Apologetics, Lydia in Expository Speaking (pictured). The boys have yet to gain their qualifications, but they are trying! Isaiah in Humorous and Extemp, Micah in Duo with Noah, and Noah (that whipper snapper 12-year-old) is doing Duo, Extemp and Team-Policy Debate.

Today we’re in Pueblo at the Prairie Frog Tournament. A mob of homeschoolers and their cheer-leading families will gather for competition. But you know what? The competition is secondary to the educational value, the excellence, and the fellowship of this great community.

There will be a couple dozen expos speeches delivered this weekend in Pueblo. Did you guess what’s under her curtain? Let’s take a sneak peak at Lydia’s speech:

By the way, we publish a book specifically designed for aspiring public speakers in platform speaking. Aptly named Platinum Book, top coaches have lessons on how to write and deliver a speech, plus a dozen examples of award winning speeches — written by the champions themselves! Check out Platinum Book for your library.

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