Happy Birthday, Wendy!

Wish her a happy 43rd by…

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Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=799259836 Amy Woolley Pederson

    We are wishing you a glorious birthday!!!! May it be filled with surprises, lots of hugs and kisses, and all of God’s goodness. Happy Birthday, Wendy!

    from the entire Pederson clan

  • kathy

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day:)

  • Janelle Cotogna

    Happy Birthday Wendy! Super Bowl Birthday – now that is awesome!

  • stacie hatfield

    happy birthday wendy hope you a good birthday

  • melissa

    happy birthday!

  • L.B.

    Happy Birthday, Wendy! I pray it is a happy and fun day for you and yours!

  • Ken

    Happy Birthday, Wendy! :)

  • Mylea

    Happy Birthday Wendy

  • http://quiverofangels.blogspot.com Shawnee

    Happy Birthday Wendy. I hope your day is blessed.

  • Tracy Ferrante

    Happy Birthday Wendy!!!!!!!!

  • http://workingdiva.wordpress.com ElleBee

    Happy Birthday, Wendy! I hope you received the royal treatment from your family today! Thank you so much to you and Chris for sharing your lives through this blog.

    • Anonymous

      Royal treatment included battered catfish, bacon-wrapped shrimp, potatoes.
      Is that royal enough?

      Heh, little kids got fish sticks. They think they got the better end of the
      deal! =)

  • Jshaire

    Happy 43rd on the 6th. My grandson, Zach turned 10 on your birthday. Kids had a party for me in June. It was my 75th!! You look great!! Love and prayers, Joanne H.

  • Karen

    A little late but I hope you had a very happy birthday!