Estes Park in August

Estes Park

Speech and Debate Camp is one of the most exciting and educational experiences a young person can have. And their coach, parent, and family, too! We sure hope you join us in beautiful Estes Park for the entire week of activities. Let me count the ways for you.

Estes Park: No Better Place to Be in August

Estes Park has brand new facilities that include hotel accommodations in timber lodging, surrounded by the mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park. The food service, too, has been totally remodeled since we hosted camp here in 2008. We’re excited to be back at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado.

Speech and Debate are aggressive activities that demand an incredible amount of brain work. Mixing this “brainy” activity with the great outdoor atmosphere is a perfect mix. It strikes the perfect balance between fun and excellence, relaxation and drivenness, beauty and academia. Really, I believe this kind of camp housed in a Bible-camp atmosphere makes for the best experience.

Coaching from the Best

Throw the country’s best coaches to train upcoming champions, and you’ve got a recipe for success! Authors of the bestselling curriculum and sourcebooks available to speakers and debaters will be the teachers of the program, so you’ll be learning from the best.

This year’s keynote speaker is renowned comedian Ken Davis! He runs a very successful public speaking camp for professional pastors and Christian speakers. He’ll teach us much about his career in public speaking–and will keep us in stitches, too. Ken (pictured with me above) is a perfect addition to our program!

Training for Action

We train for action. Though the program is one anyone would love to join, it is agressive and filled with purpose. We are training you to excel in competition because we know that ultimately makes you trainers of the world. We’ve got high hopes for you!

The record of Training Minds Ministry speaks for itself. You can almost count on it: Our campers end up in tournament out-rounds. We’ve hosted students from all over the country, and year after year they return home to shake up their tournaments and intensify the competition. We are quite proud of our alumni!

$$$ Huge Return on Investment $$$

We have a strong relationship with the YMCA, and our likeminded ministries have struck an outstanding deal. A week in these facilities for approximately $1000 is fantastic. To think this includes hotel-style rooms, 3 all-you-can-eat meals a day, coaching from the best coaches in the nation, an afternoon with Ken Davis, and a round-robin (in shorts and t-shirts!)…It’s almost a dream!

But we’re bound to save you even more!

FREE RESOURCES. All campers get a package deal for books valued at $49.95 each camp ($99 value if you stay the entire week). Figure this out, and it equals about 10% off your tuition. NOTE: This is good ONLY for early-bird registrations. So, register by May 31 and you get your resources free.

KIDS WELCOME! Do you have kids who would love to come but are under competitive age? No problem! Families who make this a vacation can get their underaged students in for a fraction of the cost, and children under 5 are free!

COACHES 1/2 OFF! Parent-coaches, we love you. And you are the secret to your child’s success, no doubt about it. All coaches receive 1/2 off the base tuition. Everything but the resources are included.

NOVICE SPECIAL. And here’s my favorite deal of all. I have a heart for novices, especially those 12-year-old wipper-snappers who bravely face the giants. Here’s the deal: If you turn 12 in 2011 or at least 12 when you come to camp, you get 1/2 off each camp, same as parent-coaches. No kidding!

TAX-DEDUCTION FOR 1/2 OFF TUITION. And did I mention Training Minds Ministry’s Fundraising option? As a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) organization, all campers are able to raise 1/2 of their tuition. We have a complete process with specific instructions that can be found at Training Minds Ministry’s Fundraising Page.

Truthfully, I don’t think I have ever been this excited for our upcoming camp. This is the ministry’s 10th Anniversary, and the Lord is blessing our plans immensely. We hope you can join us this August for an outstanding week in the Colorado rockies!

Visit the Estes Park Registration Page for Complete Information

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Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • Jen

    Hi Chris!
    I’ve been reading your site for awhile and wondering about debate. Our oldest is just now in kindergarten, but I’m wondering for the future at what age do these debate competitions start? Also, I have little knowledge of debate (I did debate for a year in high school, but remember very little of it) what are the best resources to start with to familiarize ourselves with the world of debate? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Good questions, Jen. Junior Tournaments are fun to participate in. We have
      one in Colorado Springs every year, and a tournament last weekend did a
      little speech event for the kids. I put my kids as young as 5 into the
      events. They don’t have to be elaborate; reciting Humpty Dumpty would do
      just fine.

      The organization we compete in, Stoa, allows competitors 12-19 (certain
      restrictions apply). Check them out at http://www.stoausa.org.