Valentine’s Day Special: Last Day!

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A house full of love is a house worth pursuing, and we don’t see ourselves running out of things to say about it. Our newest book, Love Another Child, have landed in the first orderers’ hands. Our package deal get you all our books–including the newest hardcover. And free shipping on top of that.

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This package is valued at $100, but you get it for $60. We’ve cut-n-pasted a favorite quote from real customers who have loved our books. At the risk of sounding incredibly vain, we say this without hesitation: You’re gonna love these books…

1. Love Another Child – Hardcover, signed, 1st edition

$30.95 value

If you have a, shall we say, petite family like my wife and I do (one child and not really counting right now), you don’t have to work very hard or think very long about your family decisions. You certainly don’t have to try to persuade anybody else to follow your example. If you’re at 15-going-on-16 children like the Jeubs, though, you are truly doing something that’s worth sharing, worth trying to convince others that it’s a joy to love another child. Chris and Wendy not only deserve the platform they’ve been given (through this book, online and on TV), they make great use of it, facing down the giants of fear, apathy and cultural coercion to shape their family the way God called them to shape it—in a word, LARGE!

—Steven Isaac
Colorado Springs

2. Love in the House

$14.95 value

In the following pages you’ll enjoy practical examples of how the Jeubs manage a family of 15–and some pretty unusual stories as well. But at the heart of this book you’ll see a deep, profound love for children as gifts from the Lord. It is this love that is a timeless example every family can learn from. The Jeubs have lived out that timeless attitude with great effect upon me, and now, upon you.

John Fuller, Vice President
Focus on the Family Broadcasting

3. Love in the Kitchen Vol. 1

$19.95 value

Hi Wendy! I am loving your cookbook! Tonight I made the enchiladas, they were so tasty! Usually I make them with chicken and a mexican cooking kit. This time I used minced beef (hambuger) and followed your recipe. The topping with the chicken soup and sour cream was so lovely. My children absolutely loved them. My 3 year old cleared his plate in about 5 minutes and usually he is our slowest eater! Even our 8 month old ate the filling with rice!God has really been laying on my heart recently how important it is to be a good steward of our money and that actually I have a big responsibility when shopping to make our pound stretch.

-Jane Buss
United Kingdom

4. Love in the Kitchen Vol. 2

$19.95 value

I can’t believe it!  I got my cookbooks today!  I only ordered them Wednesday and they are already here.  Thanks so much!  I opened them right away and immediately started looking at them.  I read the intro by Wendy and looked at the recipes.  I’ve already got a few I’d like to try.  I know the ladies will love them Sunday.  Thanks again.  God bless you for all your hard work for Him.

Jen T.

5. Love in a Diet

$14.95 value

I got my book early this afternoon and read it before dinner (thankfully I had something easy to prepare for dinner!) What a great book! Well done (thanks for keeping it short and to the point too!) You are an inspiration and I look forward to pluggin’ away at this. I have about 30 lbs to lose (ideally, 20 would be a great place to get to also!). I look forward to implementing your 8 steps as well as the other things you suggest.

Jen S.

The ultimate Valentine’s gift is all our resources (cookbooks and all, a $100.75 value) for only $60, plus free shipping. Includes the signed hardcover of Love Another Child!

Jeub Family Bundle1st Printing Hardcover Signed by Chris & Wendy Jeub
Includes Cookbook 1, Cookbook 2, Love in the House, Love in a Diet (total $100.75 value)
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$60 + Free Shipping

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Erica

    Hi I ordered this package about 2 weeks ago and was wondering if they have been shipped yet? I am looking forward to receiving it :)

    • Anonymous

      The first books went out last week. Contact Monument Publishing and they’ll get you a tracking code: info@monumentpublishing.com.

      • Erica

        Thank you I appreciate it :)

  • Valerie S.

    I received my hardcover “Love Another Child” package from the pre-order today, and I cannot believe the surprise you included in it! You folks truly are not after earthly riches or you would not be so generous. You truly seem to want the eternal rewards that you will surely receive for spreading your message. I am so excited thinking about who I can bless not. May God richly bless your ministry.

    • Anonymous

      You are very kind, Valerie. Thank you, and let us know how you like the

  • Valerie S.

    I didn’t mean to put in the “not”! That was a typo! Sorry! I don’t know how to edit my comment. I also can’t wait until the kids are in bed tonight so that hubby and I can go through the book. Love you guys and all the selfless work that you do.