Celebrate Life: Eat Ramen Noodles

Lila Rose

Thoughts have consequences. Thoughts like Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) lead to the most hideous atrocities imaginable. In defense of the Republican move to defund Planned Parenthood, Moore claimed Planned Parenthood’s prized service of abortion was better for the aborted than “eating Ramen noodles.”

People like Moore should not be in power. Such a despicable view of human life.

Why the move to defund Planned Parenthood? Because of the atrocities that have been exposed behind their doors. They’ve been exposed largely from the ministry of Lila Rose, pictured above with my daughters at Stoa Nationals last summer. Lila founded LiveAction after she graduated from speech and debate. She used her forensics skills to conduct sting operations to expose Planned Parenthood for covering for statutory rape, prostitution, and refusing to obey the tamest information laws of their state.

Her site is chock full of video after video. Her first was incredible. She hid a camera on her body and posed as a 14-year-old girl seeking an abortion to cover for her 34-year-old boyfriend. The clinic asked no questions — in fact, told her sharply to keep the facts hidden — and scheduled an abortion.

Lila Rose deserves the Pulitzer Prize. She’s got guts.

This wasn’t a one-time isolated incident. Since this infamous recording, LiveAction has exposed Planned Parenthood in (can you believe it?) worse. On their front page today is a video exposing them of covering for human trafficking. That’s slavery! Slavery still exists, largely because of thoughts propagated by the likes of Rep. Moore and Planned Parenthood.

As I said, thoughts have consequences. And people like Rep. Moore impose them on America by insisting on funding them with taxpayer dollars. The consequence: A bloated, overly funded, evil organization like Planned Parenthood is allowed to spread its despicable, deathly programs.

To think people think like Rep. Moore are in power. She actually believes life is worth terminating to avoid Ramen noodles.

We’re celebrating life today by eating Ramen noodles.

About Chris Jeub

Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • Anonymous

    You’ve gone too far.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1420396494 Jay Biddy

    Good article!

    I bet Rep. Gwen Moore wouldn’t be as thrilled if society viewed her life as disposable. The unborn have no one to fight for them except us. The cowardice people take to justify abortion is unbelievable.

    • Anonymous

      It’s ironic. She’s #7 of eight children and, from what I’ve heard, has a testimony of poverty. Taking such a stand in support of prostitution, rape, and slavery is boggling.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ebrammer Evan Brammer

    I (and many, many others) got through college eating Ramen for breakfast, often lunch, and the occasional dinner. I’m a teacher/missionary in Indonesia now and we eat real Ramen about once a week; as do the 2 billion Asians living throughout the eastern hemisphere. Top Ramen should sue Moore for libel.

    • Anonymous

      That’s right. We’re personally offended, too. We love Ramen noodles! =)

  • Anonymous

    I listen to Rep. Moore’s speak on youtube and while I don’t agree with her I don’t see why everyone is saying that she said abortion was better than eating ramen noodles. What she said is that unplanned preganancy leads to having to put water in porrage, feeding ramen noodles to children at the end of the month so they don’t go hungry, trouble educating these poor black babies cause they move all the time, forcing these children to be food for sexual prediators, being looked down on becuase you use food stamps, never being able to get the support to provide the basics your family needs, etc. Again I don’t agree with this as A LOT of people have unplanned pregnancies and their lives don’t resemble that (My husband and I had 3 unplanned pregnancies and we have a total of four children).

    What I found noteworthy and incredibly sad is that she starts her speak by saying that she wants explain the impact of unplanned preganancy and uses her experience as giving birth at 18 as an example. So all she is saying is from her experience and she uses so many examples isn’t she basically saying that she should of aborted than raised that child. That all the struggles, hardships, etc weren’t worth the joy that child has brought to her life (course maybe she got no joy of parenthood). How in the world do you think that makes her child feel to hear his or her mom talk about all that and go into how embarrassing it is to buy a birthday cake with food stamps and aborting is a better option. I mean talk about screwing up your child emotionally. I don’t care where she stands on planned parenthood or abortion but I have a problem going on national television and basically saying that you should of aborted that baby. My heart goes out to her child and I shudder to think of what that poor child grew up hearing from his or her mom.

  • JenT

    We like Ramen noodles too. Such a cheap meal and easy to fix.
    And yes, I did read the whole post. :) I guess we celebrated life yesterday when we had Ramen noodles for lunch.

  • Phil

    And SO UNHEALTHY for you as well, but if that’s how you choose to nourish your family the choice is yours.

    • Not a food fanatic

      Ramen noodles are deep fried starch. But let’s not launch into rehetoric about how they’re so unhealthy… because one single food choice on one single day does not a picture paint, nor a body damage.
      In fact, one could say honestly they’re part of a healthy diet. Just as much as Frosted Flakes is part of a balanced diet. I heard it on TV, it must be true.

  • Ginnamom

    I often put ramen noodles in things Like soups or Stirfry cheap lomien:)

  • Valerie S.

    I totally agree with you, Chris and Wendy. And I can’t believe that liberals support such an organization that was founded by a woman (Margaret Sanger) whose main goal was to elimiate minorities because she thought they were inferior! People who support such an organization need to look into the origins before they blindly throw their support (and our tax dollars) behind it.

  • Lara_mdm

    Ah, politic again:) I read an interesting blog entry the other day stating that while she the blog writer is prolife she does not believe right wingers are probirth.
    This struck a cord with me as there is no adequate system in place to care for all those babies who are currently aborted. I too value human life, I am not saying otherwise, but seriously with a broken foster system and few families adopting domestically including yourselves who is able to care for the children of addicts and others who truly cannot care for a baby?
    With a better care system in place we could bring te instance of abortion down…. Hopefully

  • Famspamacct

    The who would care for all the babies argument is questionable at best. There is a wait list to adopt babies with every agency I have ever spoken with. I would love to adopt several, but there are quite a few roadblocks in my way. The overwhelming majority of those babies would have no trouble finding loving homes.

    • Lara_mdm

      I beg to differ as few families can handle drug addicted premature babies, I am not talking about an accidental pregnancy conceived within a relationship but those many babies who have such difficult paths ahead to overcome. I know many amazing people who work hard at parenting such children, its not unheard of but there is still a gap between the immediate medical and emotional needs of these infants and families willing or financially able to. Just food for thought…. Don’t mean to play devils advocate but i don’t think we should over simplify this issue, making abortion illegal before putting solutions in place is flawed.

      • Peggy

        This saddens me. Maybe I am reading it wrong, but I took this to mean that we should allow abortions to mothers who use drugs because the babies will be a burden. Should we not give these babies a chance at life?
        What about the babies born to drug addicted mothers that turn out to be normal, healthy children? How do we know if they will be sick or healthy before they are given a chance to be born?
        This comment hits home with me as my boyfriends 5-year-old son was born with meth in his system. Not only that but my boyfriend knows his birth mom smoked pot and drank during the whole pregnancy. They separated when she was 3 months pregnant, but he knew she wouldn’t stop her bad habits, even while pregnant. His son stayed with a foster family after he was born and had visitations with my boyfriend while he fought the legal system to get custody of him. The foster family wanted to adopt him and tried to convince my boyfriend that because he was born with drugs in his system, he would be a burden. But this 5 year old boy is as healthy as can be! And I shudder to think that if his birth mother had been pressured to have an abortion because she knew she had done drugs, that we would not have this wonderful blessing in our lives.
        Maybe there is a shortage of parents willing to take care of drug addicted babies, and I hope this situation turns around, but I don’t believe abortion is the answer. Yes these babies may be difficult and need homes, but is that an reason to kill a baby?

  • Helen

    Wanna reduce abortions, “Pro” Lifers? Quit enthusiastically championing restrictions on birth control, and the elimination of programs which support the children you insist be born.

  • Peggy

    Maybe it’s not this way in all cities, but where I live, there are many, many places that a person can go to eat meals for free or cheap. We have several soup kitchens, Food Net, which is a place people can go and get free groceries, and Angel Food Ministries, which delivers food at very cheap prices, just to name a few. I love Ramen Noodles and eat them at least once a week, but where I live, that isn’t even your last option! There are many places you can go to eat a healthy meal for free when you are down on your luck!
    Abortion is just not the answer. Having to eat Ramen noodles is not a good argument to justify killing a baby. Even if a child had to eat Ramen noodles everyday for years, I’m sure the child would prefer that to being dead. I know I would. I am one of 4 siblings. Three of us were unplanned. Ramen noodles or abortion? I’ll take the Ramen.

  • Dana

    I have personally met and worked with Rep. Moore several times. She is a wonderful person. She works hard for women’s issues such as domestic violence. What people don’t realize is when funding goes away for organizations such as planned parenthood funding also goes away for domestic violence shelters and what not. It’s all lumped together in women’s issues. While personally I am not in favor of abortion, I think all funding should stand. I work with domestic violence victims and they need everything they can receive such as shelter and food.

    I wish congress would take the time to fully help domestic violence victims instead of the constant battle of gay marriage and abortion.

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm. Let’s take your thoughts seriously for a moment…

      Let’s say there is a church that led people to the Lord, fed the hungry, created food banks and housed the homeless.

      The church also covered for statutory rape, prostitution, and human trafficking.

      Because of all the good they do, should they remain in operation?
      Are “wonderful” people who insist such a church remains open still “wonderful”?

  • mama74

    I am a single mom of 5 children, my husband left when I refused to abort our youngest. I struggle financially, but I am thankfully everyday for all of my children. I never once think I should of not had them because we sometimes eat ramen noodles, or because of any of the other hardships we have to face from living in poverty. It is hard , but I never ever doubt my decision to choose life, and I am sure my children are thankful for their gift of life, even if that includes ramen noodles.

    • Anonymous

      Mama74, you are an inspiration. God bless your journey!

  • Caribassette

    I am so happy to see our government do the right thing, in a time of so many wrongs. I am very happy the Rose Acuna project has brought to light the horrors planned parenthood has perpetuated. Thank Jeub family for sharing.

  • Nursinmamaa

    I recently posted something on my facebook page in regards to the evils of planned parenthood. I am actually still shaken by the NASTY remarks I got from FRIENDS AND FAMILY for posting against this organization. One commentor even said that it would be nice if someday abortions were not NECCESARY! I nearly threw up. I have been both the oops baby abd a rape victim who thought she was pregnant, either way, I believe in LIFE. Thank you Jeubs.