Atheism vs. Christianity

A friend of mind, Mark Mittelberg, is an apologist. A famous one, too, who has written books on the subject of defending the the Christian faith. He encouraged me to watch some videos made a few years ago of a debate that was conducted at Willow Creek in Illinois.

Seven months later, I finally watched the videos. (Sorry, Mark!) I admit, they’re really good! I posted the first of 15 here for your viewing. If you have the 2.5 hours to go through these videos, they are well worth it.

Click here to visit Dr. Craig’s webpage here to watch the videos uninterrupted.

(And allow me to indulge a bit: Mark’s son, Matt, is currently the #1 Lincoln-Douglas debater in the country…an alumni of my debate camps. The fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree.)

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  • Jen

    I find these debates fascinating (there some good ones on youtube on evolution vs. creationism as well) from an intellectual perspective. However, people trying to “prove” an idea that is innately faith-based and has many different “truths” for many different people also bothers me. I believe in God (I am in Jewish). Someone arguing the “facts” of atheism OR the “facts” of another religion is certainly not going to sway my beliefs because my beliefs are based on FAITH, not evidence. An atheist will never convince me God doesn’t exist. You will never convince me Jesus Christ is the son of God. Religion is not science. God is not something you can prove in a petri dish. That’s why I find fundamentalism/evangelism in ANY religion to be dangerous. Once people start trying to convince others that their FAITH is the only TRUTH, we are led down a scary path of bigotry, ignorance, loss of relious freedom, religion in schools, religion in the government, etc.

  • Leslie

    Thanks so much for all you share. I have found so much of your information to be useful to me. Because of that, I wanted to pass along to you an upcoming event that was recently shared with me that I think you may enjoy – & even pass along to your readers. March 12, 2011 a simulcast called The Case for Christianity is taking place that will address many of the issues Christian apologetics raises. Led by Lee Strobel (former Legal Editor of the Chicago Tribune) & Mark Mittelberg, all of the most avoided questions Christians don’t like to answer or even discuss. Both are authors of extremely intriguing books, I encourage you to check them out as well as the simulcast in March. Definitely worth the time & almost positive something you would enjoy – thought I’d pass along! Thanks again!