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Want to watch a good movie? Plugged In is the website I used to work for when I worked at Focus on the Family. It is an awesome reference site for families. Check it out, especially before going to the movies.

I’m curious. What do you use to check up on movie content? Or TV, video games or music?

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Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • Abby

    A mix of common sense or just watching it myself. We love Disney in this house and have never had an issue with the movies, or such things like them, for example Shrek or Gnomeo and Juliet. We don’t go to the Movies that much so I just watch DVDs myself to check suitablility. Sadly, bad language is appearing more, (and I am guilty of using a swear word before too) but I don’t necessarily stop my kids watching something because of it. It is just made extremely clear that this is not to be used by them and it is wrong.

    Reviews are useful too, but we obviously all have different tastes. I’de say the best thing is too watch it, or use your common sense, especially with games. A Wii game with a gun on the box or blood or such to me is pointless and not what I want, but I dont feel a need to test out a Mario racing game. Same with TV. Watch it first. I let my kids watch The Simpsons sometimes because they love it, but if they start to imitate and act negatively in accordance with it it stops. Simple :)

  • Gabriela

    If it is just a G or PG movie my parents just let us watch it. If it is PG-13, they check it out a bit more, either with Plugged In or watching it before hand. We harldy ever go to the Movies, and when we do we check the movie out on Plugged In before hand.

  • Claudia

    I love resources like Plugged In and Movieguide. They let me know about specifics in movies that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about just looking at a rating. Even G and PG movies targeted towards kids have negative elements of influence that can become ingrained into little ones’ minds. I think it’s best to be extremely discerning about what they’re exposed to. Any negative influence that’s packaged in shiny wrapping can stick and be repeated at a later, possibly very inappropriate time.

    They will be exposed to enough wrong behavior and attitudes in this world. They’re not missing out on anything by not being able to watch whatever kid movie seems mostly okay. Of course, we’ll be there right next to them no matter what they’re watching to discuss anything that pops up.

  • AB

    Chris – Would it be possible to get the direct link for the above plugged in promo video? I’d like to promote Plugged In, if possible without sending to your site. Not that it’s a big deal at all….it just creates a question….why am I on the Jeub Family site? THANKS!!!

    • Chris Jeub

      I’m not sure how to do that. Here is the embed code: