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There are hundreds of nuggets and one-liners, “tweetable” encouragements for families to share with one another. All of the following are “Jeub originals” unless otherwise noted, and a twitter link is provided to help you spread the love to your friends and followers. Enjoy!

  • “A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” -George Bernard Shaw [tweet]
  • Life at our home is never boring. Activity is the rule of our day, and we thrive on it. [tweet]
  • There is never a boring moment in our home. Children are our life, and family is who we are. [tweet]
  • Once you’re at 7 children, you’re in Looneyland—you’re “out there” and there ain’t no persuadin’ you. [tweet]
  • Instead of doubting our convictions, we reflect on how great our life is. [tweet]
  • Q: “You do know how that happens, don’t you?” A: Yes! And we’re really good at it. [tweet]
  • Q: “You do know how that happens, don’t you?” A: Wendy knows, but she won’t tell me. [tweet]
  • We make love without worrying something will “go wrong.” This freedom is wonderful & liberating. [tweet]
  • Deep down, couples wonder, “What would our life be like if we just let children come?” [tweet]
  • The good folks who pour themselves into the abolition of abortion deserve our support, not our attacks. [tweet]
  • Our desire: encourage couples to love another child. [tweet]
  • The editor of “Love Another Child” has only one child. Still, he’s enjoying our point of view. [tweet]
  • Our “live and let live” motto has changed to a more direct, “Are you sure you want to live that way?” [tweet]
  • Seldom (ever?) do we hear regrets from those who did have children while young. [tweet]
  • It is easier to flow with popular culture which encourages as few children as possible, maybe none. [tweet]
  • If you are in your 20s, turn your ears toward your elders who share with you their regrets. [tweet]

And these are just from Chapter 1!

(Reposted from 2010)

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Deanna

    LOL, well since you and Wendy did bring up the subject…I will say that my husband and I have made others take notice and blush as our answer to the question,.”Do you know how this happens?” is simply,.”Well, when you find a hobby your good at!”. Hope I didn’t say too much there. :) Enjoying God’s gifts and His timing is so freeing. Thanks for your encouragment.

  • sandra

    I’ve never heard a grandparent say “gosh,I wish I didn’t have so many grandchildren!” :)

  • taxpayer

    Society cant wrap its head around some not wanting children. Some of us are childless by choice ,design or infertility but yet so called Christians preach fire and brimstone not knowing the circumstances or the person. and the childless people are the ones keeping you up more than you think. This includes elderly too. So think abut this next time you criticize someone for not having children. I don’t need children to validate my marriage or even my existence.

  • April Myers

    Can’t wait for this book to come out! Do you have a tentative release date yet?

  • Samantha


    Sadly, I do know a few grandparents who say that they have ‘too many’ grandchildren. :(

  • http://www, Vicki


  • sandra

    Samantha,hopefully they are few and far between.I tend to think ppl learn how to appreciate and treasure the most important things in life as they get older,and that,for many,it’s having lots of grandkids . :)

  • bernadette lock

    Dear taxpayer, i wonder if on your death bed you will calculate all your wordly treasures,travel and posessions and if they will even come close to the complete love that is shared within a family. I honestly feal sad that you are so jaded by life, i think most christians opions are not to keep breeding till you drop. But simply to truly value another miracle that is a child, should you have one child or twenty. If only more people did there would be less child abuse and less judgement within the community.

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  • Valerie

    Dear Taxpayer,

    We are expecting our fifth and very excited about this one and any more that God chooses to give us; I love to see the joy that other parents have in their children regardless of if they have 1 or 101. THAT I believe is the thing that should be valued….the view of children as a blessing and a joy instead of a headache and a burden….not the number of children or whether or not a person even has children. You are correct when you say that some are unable to have children and it is not our place to judge/condemn and we do not always know the circumstances by which that is the case. I believe that God has blessed some with children of their own or the ability & desire to adopt or the opportunities for foster care. Others He has blessed with a different plan for their life that does not include children. There are some for whom He has also not planned a marriage and all of those things are according to His plan (when we are living according to His will) and are what is best. He needs all kinds of people to do His work and that includes those without children, unmarried, with children….whatever. Regardless of a person “family” status, the important thing is to understand that children are a blessing and a gift….not a burden or “mistake”.

    I think that you may have confused our excitement about having lots of children and our love of sharing with others as a condemnation of those without. I am sure that there have also been times when in our excitement we may make others feel as if we dissaprove of them because they don’t have “enough kids” or whatever. I’m CERTAIN though that it is most of the time VERY unintentional and I would hate for you to feel like you or others in similar situations as yourself are “looked down on” by those of us in different life situations.

    As far as the others “keeping us up”….I believe that is als an unfair statement. Just because a couple has a large family doesn’t mean that the taxpayers “support” them. Many have their own businesses on which they pay taxes. Many homeschool for various reason which actually keeps “taxpayers” from paying for their kids education….so not only do they teach and pay for their own but they also help support public schools. Some have farms which allows them to provide for their families without needing “taxpayer” assistance. While many have to rely on only one source of income….generally the husbands….they find ways to spend their money wisely and live frugally (and happily) which also keeps the “taxpayers” from “holding them up”. Lastly though…..larger families ARE ALSO TAXPAYERS. Just as there are some large families that get “assistance” there are also families of only one or two kiddos or even single people who receive the same assistance…’s not just large families.

    Point is….no, you don’t need children to validate you and I don’t believe most feel that way (although I’m sure there are some). I hope you can see that we simply LOVE children whether or not we have 1 or 13 or none and that we cherish them regardless.

    Okay….so much for “keeping it short”….I just desire for you to see our joy for those with children….it’s NOT a condemnation or judgement of those without. I pray that no matter what your circumstances, that you allow God to use you right where you are! :)

  • Chris & Wendy

    Valerie, you are so RIGHT ON!

  • Sabrina

    I can’t wait for this book! I hope its coming out very soon!!!!

  • Gina

    I agree with Valerie about many of her points. We are a one-income family with one daughter, so far. Due to the poor economy, we qualify for WIC and food stampos. For us, this is temporary, as we hope to find my husband a better paying job. This proves your point that:

    “Lastly though…..larger families ARE ALSO TAXPAYERS. Just as there are some large families that get “assistance” there are also families of only one or two kiddos or even single people who receive the same assistance…’s not just large families.”

    Side note to Wendy and Chris – keep up your mission, you are very encouraging for all sizes of families!

    • Chris & Wendy

      Thanks Gina! Your note is very encouraging to us.

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