10 More Retweetable Quotes from Our New Book

We can’t wait for you to read Love Another Child. We tackle a lot of great issues surrounding the idea of loving another child. We posted some quotes from Chapter 1 recently. Here are some more from Chapter 8 “Loving Your Children.”

  1. You may think you have God all figured out, but if you feel a lack of love for your child, something is out of sync. [tweet]
  2. God, grant me serenity, courage, and wisdom to know the difference. -Dr. Reinhold Neibuhr [sic] [tweet]
  3. Become students of your children. Know them. Find the things that are easy to love and help them grow. [tweet]
  4. Justifying your anger toward your child is submitting to lies of hate that will undermine your relationship. [tweet]
  5. We were stricter with our first children; we focused more on conformity than love, on frustration than grace. [tweet]
  6. There are times of anger, but more often than not they are weak moments in our parenting. [tweet]
  7. Imagine a stranger outside your door. Are your reactions to your child’s behavior commendable or shocking? [tweet]
  8. Your children will do irrational, unloving, silly, disobedient things. Count on it. [tweet]
  9. Find the best in your child, rather than shame into proper behavior. Shame never leads to the behavior you want. [tweet]
  10. Encouragement—like love—does not keep track of negative performance, but is like a cheering section. [tweet]

These quotes reflect heavy issues in parenting, though Twitter limits the quotes to 144 characters each. Did any of them strike a chord with you? Use the commend fields below to elaborate.

(Reposted from 2010)

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Heather

    The line about focusing more on grace than frustration, this is what God has been teaching me lately. It’s a wonderful ideal to have, but is very difficult to walk out in daily life. Only by falling to my knees and crying out to God for the help of the Holy Spirit can I accomplish this!

  • tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations

    oh, WOW! I am definitely buying this book.

    I have been a parent now for almost 8 years. We have 4 children. I was pleasantly surprised reading your quotes that it didn’t take me over 20 years to find the same truths that you tweeted about. #4, #5 and #7 are loaded ones!!!

    When my third child was born I came to the realization that I was parenting all wrong. I found God’s Grace again, but this time I found it overflowing all areas of my life, not just my salvation.

    I began praying and asking God to show me how to parent in Grace. My children have taught me so much and this is definitely the hardest job in the world. BUT it’s the most rewarding. :)

    I have come to the realization, like you, that for God the most important thing is relationship. And so it should be for us.

    A few months ago, I learned the lesson that my children will fall. Count on it. At first, I was surprised when one of my child did a “real heathen” thing (like there is such a thing!!! LOL) but God whispered in my ear “That’s why I came and died on the cross.” I felt God telling me that more important than having my children be well behaved and not commit sins was me being right there for them without judgment or anger, but with Grace and Love.

    I am learning and I will tell you that parenting is the most intense course ever. You need to be constantly improving yourself and going after one PH degree after another. Ha!!! who knew??!!

    thanks for sharing your Love,


  • Amy Pederson

    All of them! Thank you for the encouragement today. You continue to be a blessing to our family. May God richly bless your endeavors.

  • Janette

    I really need this book.

  • Valerie

    Is there any way you can bump up the release date? I need this NOW!

  • Janette

    Uh oh, I just ordered what i thought was this book but realized too late it was ‘Love in the House’. I need this book now too!!! Any chance I can preview it for you guys? :)

  • Chris & Wendy

    Valentines Day 2011 will be pushing it, but we’re trying to get it all finished asap. This is the first time we’ve worked with WestBow, so it’s all new to us. Subscribe to this blog…you’ll be the first to know its status updates.

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