10 More Retweetable Tweets From ‘Love Another Child’ (21-30)

Book Cover Photo

This is the photo that will be used on the cover of our new book.

We can’t wait till this book is in your hands, but here are some more taglines to keep your interest…

21. Children are a blessing from God, no more complex than that. [tweet]
22. You have no choice? Never true. Difficult, sure, but nothing is impossible. [tweet]
23. Children are blessings, and being poor doesn’t turn them into curses. [tweet]
24. Adaptability is creativity, an “image of God” trait. [tweet]
25. Financially tough times bring out the best in us. [tweet]
26. Pregnancy test positive? Maybe you’re shocked, but it will not cripple you. [tweet]
27. Change, especially the change that a child brings, is very good. [tweet]
28. Coupons control the buyer, not the other way around. [tweet]
29. Finances, not the lack of finances, cause stress in families. [tweet]
30. Poverty does not deter happiness. [tweet]

Of course, we go deeper into each of these topics in the book. Please do us the favor of actually retweeting these quotes; it helps us get the word out ahead of time. If you don’t have a Twitter account, point to this page with your Facebook, or “share” the article with one of the links below.

Did you miss the first 20 retweetable tweets? Click through to read those one-liners: 1-10, 11-20.

(Reposted from 2010)

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • JenT

    I think it’s a great picture.

  • Tammie

    What a precious picture – and such a gorgeous baby too !!
    It is neat to have that !!

    and I love the tweets !!

  • nicole j bideau

    what a lovely picture such a blessing I love the way all their hands are combind love Nicole uk

  • mollie

    Are you using that picture because it looks like they are embracing him? I can’t wait to read the book! I am so thankful for all the work you two have done to put it together!

  • Mindy

    Really sweet but how come you arent’t using one (or more) of your gorgeous little blessings?

  • Jenn

    I usually agree with most everything you write about. But I have a gripe. The tweet about coupons. My hobby is “couponing” and if I didn’t coupon we wouldn’t be able to hardly buy half the groceries we do. And we are not buying junk I make lots of things completely from scratch including all our breads and rolls and my kids DO NOT eat cereal, poptarts, frozen anything. Yes, there is lots of things I buy with coupons that I get for free or nearly free, which we do not use, but we are able each month to donate tons of food, cleaning products, and personal hygeine items to our local food bank. I know this is maybe a little off topic but this is my opinion and it bugs me when you knock on saving families money.

    • Chris & Wendy

      Jenn, bless your heart! But, we’re going to keep bugging you on this one. Coupons can save you money, but our book brings to light the marketing reality: coupons are meant to control the buyer, NOT save the buyer money. That’s just a fact. We drill down deeper: Once you realize the marketing reality, you’re able to structure a frugal shopping list that will (we have found) save you more money than couponing.

  • Jennifer Emery

    I love the pic too.

  • Brooke

    What a beautiful baby, but what I took notice of was the hands of the parents and child touching each other. Thats where the love of the new little family just hit the heart strings. The first time you hold hands with the person u are falling in love with and in this pic the holding of your childs little hand, the person u have fallen in love with as a parent.I hope that made sense to everyone, thats just what I felt when I looked at the photo.

  • Abby

    Whoa you’ve changed the layout :) nice work did you guys design this new site style?

    • Chris & Wendy

      I’m working on it today. Unfortunately, my “Under Maintenance” plugin isn’t working. Oh well, everyone gets to spend their Sunday seeing the real-time changes.

      Answer: Yes and No. We’ll post tomorrow announcing the new design, how we set it up, and a promo to help get the word out. Check back Monday!

  • Karen Huse Clifton

    Love that baby picture, like the new look of the blog, and can’t wait to read the book.

  • sandra

    makes me want to read the book,cute pic! :)

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  • Harriets

    Unless you’ve seen your child starving and without needed medication, you cannot say that poverty does not deter happiness.

    • Margaret

      I have. My husband grew up as one of those bloat-bellied Ethiopian children that were pictured in the news in the 80’s.

      Happiness and joy are states of the heart, not circumstance. My husband believed this in theory and as a Biblical principal. But when he came to the states and observed all us fat, wealthy people with our misery and psychoses and divorces and abuse, he knew it as a truth. Money doesn’t make you happy. And happiness can be found in the worst places in the world.

      Does poverty make life difficult physically? Sure. That is a completely seperate issue from joy and contentment.

  • HMW

    Thanks for respecting those of us who don’t want more than 1 or 2 kids!