10 More Retweetable Tweets From ‘Love Another Child’ (31-40)

Love Another Child

31. Anxiety over finances reflects a lack of understanding more than it does reality. [tweet]
32. The backbone of an economy is people. Human beings. [tweet]
33. The ingenuity of the human mind is priceless, the building blocks of an economy. [tweet]
34. Good steward = one who keeps her wits about her when shopping. [tweet]
35. Frugality isn’t sacrifice; Frugality means getting the most for your money. [tweet]
36. Take God’s blessings, get creative, and figure out how to x2 or x3 it. [tweet]
37. To the wealthy, an idle dollar is a wasted dollar. [tweet]
38. Poverty isn’t a shame. An impoverished mentality is. [tweet]
39. Fight financial dependency. Don’t give into the temptation of ease. [tweet]
40. Don’t look down on frugality. It’s snobbery, takes for granted God-given ingenuity & resourcefulness. [tweet]

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(Reposted from 2010)

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Christina

    So many wonderful points and I haven’t even gotten to read the book yet! :). I’m reading love in the house and look forward to reading the new book!

  • Sargents

    What freedom you encourage! Freedom to live and love and walk with God as He directs. Ahhhh….

  • Amy Pederson

    These are my favorite two:

    Frugality isn’t sacrifice; Frugality means getting the most for your money.

    Poverty isn’t a shame. An impoverished mentality is.

    I appreciate your perspective on the first one. We should never be focused on the things we don’t have the money to buy, but rather on how many things we do have the money for. I remind my children that it is a blessing to have those things on our wants list that are never fulfilled because it gives us more to look forward to in heaven.

    I see people that have a lot of beautiful things who are enslaved to their things. Each “thing” takes time, energy and money to buy, care for, store and maintain. We have noticed in our own family how much time we free up in our daily lives when we purge and get rid of the excess “stuff”.

    I loved these tweets and I am anxious to read the whole thing.

    • Chris Jeub

      These quotes are taken from a chapter that goes deep into our ideas concerning finances. We think they are extremely liberating!

  • sandra

    I agree;so many ppl forget that the bible says ‘where your treasure is,there your heart will be also’..and that we need to be concentrating on the treasures of heaven, not of earth,as these things can and will be eventually destroyed.
    we’ve been critisized by family via indirect ways,(using other family members as innuendo,and I think this is just plain *wrong),such as saying things like “I don’t know why such and such is content to live in an old house and drive and old car..he sure doesn’t seem to be showing much initiative to move up in the world”. ..that sort of thing.but said person being talked about isn’t married,doesn’t have kids (and doesnt seem to ever desire any,nor marriage,which is ok,if that’s what he wants),and doesn’t even like to work much..all things that are not like us at * me,those factors are more imprt than what kind of house one lives in or what kind of car one drives,and we are blessed with marriage and children,not with worldy goods.that is enough for us. :)

  • Mindy

    My favorite is Good Steward. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wandered around the supermarket buying things I don’t need. I’m definitely more mindful and a lot smarter after reading Wendy’ s cookbooks. I live ib a small apartment but manage to stock up on a good deal. My clothes closet has more aluminum foil than clothes. I love not paying full price and shopping at home!

  • Valerie

    Will we be able to pre-order the book and if so, when? I can’t wait!

  • HH, Jr.

    It is so great that you respect people who limit their family size due to external circumstances. That is what we did and we’ve never regretted it. God Bless you!

  • Janetkiessling