Children. They’re blessings. Always.

Our home is bursting with life. Why some think this home of life is a detriment is beyond us.

When it comes to children, there are some foolish claims made that don’t measure up with reality. Here are some:

  • Children exhaust the environment.
  • Children crowd the planet.
  • Children complicate marriage.
  • Children are a hassle.
  • Children restrict our opportunities.

In summary: Children are not a blessing.

The truth: Children are a blessing from heaven.

That’s the truth right before us. We disguise children as something else. As money magnets and as environment killers, crowding an already crowded planet. Two’s company and three’s a crowd, right? Besides, what would my parents/neighbors/siblings/co-workers think about us being pregnant again? Another child will bring back diapers, sleepless nights, having to figure out day care. They scream and mess up the house and rearrange my nice, neat, controlled life. On and on the litany goes.

These views are selfish, and that’s a sad way to view children. Sure, there are times of exhaustion and anxiety, but that’s more than acceptable when considering the heritage that comes with the work. Children—your children—are a huge advantage to you personally and to those around them. They’re blessings, plain and simple.

Note: This blog post was published in October 2010 and April 2011.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • http://www.momjustlikeyou.blogspot.com Nancy Palmer

    Thanks, Wendy & Chris, for keeping what God values ever before us. Your family is a blessing and encouragement to large families everywhere!

  • http://yes-theyre-all-ours.blogspot.com Elizabeth

    Great Post! and So True! Funny, but I just blogged about the same thing on Monday!!! Great minds must think alike! 😉


  • http://www.kendavis.com Joy Groblebe

    Love this! Great encouraging note to start my day on! :)

  • Kris Hammes

    A big AMEN!!

  • http://www.frugalnavywife.blogspot.com Amanda

    This is it! We are at the “Do you know what causes that stage” People are so negative that we have so many children. Each one we see as a blessing and will continue to open our arms and hearts to as many as the Lord above will allow.
    May God continue to bless you!

  • tereza

    thank you for the reminder. We had a really bad day on Monday and the devil and the world likes to make it even worse. But the rest of the week so far has been good. However the just will live by Faith and Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God: Children are an inheritance from God, a blessing from heaven!! So Amen!!! :)

  • Heather

    What is it like to have babies and grandbabies at the same time? I have two grandbabies on the way, yet I am still young enough to have more children. Sometimes I feel like if I am going to be a grandma I should be done, but sometimes I am not so sure I want to be done! And I know I shouldn’t be, but I am afraid of what the family and other would say!

  • http://www.ourfruitfulharvest.blogspot.com Fruitful Harvest

    Children are a blessing~
    Praying for more!
    Hope your family’s pregnancy is going well!

    Peace and Love,

  • http://jent-manyblessings.blogspot.com JenT

    I agree. And I am surprised when I hear people actually say that to have more children is selfish. I never could figure that one out. lol I guess I’m a pretty selfish person since I’m due with out 10th any day now. :) As for getting used to sleepless nights? Ha! I don’t get used to nights of uninterrupted sleep! I AM used to sleepless nights. :) If it’s not getting up with a baby, it’s getting up because of having to go to the bathroom because of being pregnant. If a child wakes up in the middle of the night; I’m awake too. :) Oh well. I believe that’s the life God has called me to and it suits me just fine. :)

  • Mejust

    I just had my fourth son seven months ago and since I’m pushing it in age (I’m 38 now), my husband and I were talking about one more (which we have said with every one…one more never comes lol), but when I told my mom, I had to hear, “oh goodness, not again, you promised this was the last one…blah, blah, blah.” I get the same flack from my siblings. It makes me angry really…who are they and why do they care? My husband and I have never lived off of government assistance, we take care of our children! I work from home so it’s not like my children are being raised by someone else or at the expense of someone else! They act like babies should only be had by “accident,” and that having a baby on purpose is just crazy! Strange, huh…especially considering every time I have one my family visits more just to see the baby…

    Thank you for this post. I envy you and your family. You are truly blessed! 😉

  • Anon

    So I do not agree much with your politics, but this is why I visit your blog. The way you extol families and that children are blessings, not burdens. It is a pity this even has to be said. But thank you for being vocal about it.

  • bernadette lock

    I dont know if i have replied too late to this topic. i hope not as it is more of a question than a comment. I am pregnant with blessing No.5 which we are both overjoyed about but have found that peoples remarks and attitudes towards this pregnancy have been negative or we get the old “dont you know how that happens/ dont you own a television” (sound familiar) What i was wondering was did you ever in the early days doubt whether this is the right path for your family? And how did you keep your convictions when so many doubt your intentions? I am just finding less people are finding the “joy” in our news, especially after bubby No.3. Thankyou both

  • http://adventuresincomeau-ville.blogspot.com Carol

    Love reading your blog, it’s so encouraging. Finally after child #3 I’m getting it that children are a blessing and not something to be avoided, although, I fear it is too late as I had my tubes tied. Anyways, I will nonetheless take the lessons learned and love my 3 children all the more, instead of contantly complaining about them or worrying about how to pay for them.

  • http://profiles.google.com/karenpetersen Karen Petersen


  • Roddma

    Not everyone makes good parent as evidenced by the 500000 in foster care. It is a sad way to view kids as entitlement and for personal gain or a holiness gauge. Large families are no more holier than small families. Lets face it Some do not prefer kids. They have no desire for kids. they are no more selfish than the parent who gain all kinds of freebies for their large broods and tax benifts. Parenting is something you should want to do.