One of Each, Please

Love Another Child

If you visit our website often, you get our gist. We love family, we love children, we love our life of bounty. If we’re controversial in anything, it is this: Children are a heritage of God’s, so we encourage couples to have and love them.

Gee, persecute us. Throw stones at us. We’ll take this life anyday.

A life with 15 children (soon-to-be-16) is never boring. Blogging about our life is difficult to keep up with. So many people have so many questions, but we can barely spare a minute to explain it. We’re too busy!

This was the original idea of publishing our books. We have the opportunity to articulate why we live the way we live, why we have so many children and would welcome more, why love is the most excellent way in any family. These concepts are big, often challenging preconceived notions of what parenting and family life is supposed to be.

April is one of the busiest months of our year. We homeschool, so we feel we are catching up in all our lose ends. Tournament season (we’re big into speech and debate) is coming to a close with our final tournaments. Our publishing cycle (we own a publishing business) is revving up for the following year. Oh, and we’re expecting our 16th child. Yikes, we’re busy!

Subscribe to our blog, but don’t expect a lot out of us this month. We’ll try to blog this April, but for now, our books will have to do.

So, therefore, we’re having a sale for the rest of April. It’s our “One of Each, Please” sale. If you bought all our books at retail value, you’d spend $100.75. Now you can get all of them for 50% off. We’ll ship them to you Priority Mail and you’ll have them within a week.

Our bottom line: we want you to have these books. They’re more than you’ll expect. We write them because we love to impact families, share the Good News of Christ with them, and share ideas of how blessed family life can be. We hope they bless you! (And if you own our books already, buy them for friends who need these books…now is the time.)

One of Each for 50% off

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.