We Need Judges

There’s a speech & debate tournament coming to the Colorado Springs area, and I want YOU to come help judge! Judging tournaments is fun — you get to see young people training their minds for action — an activity that many people can’t wait to do. And we need people like YOU to fill slots to make the tournament happen. Please consider joining other adults in judging this tournament!


  • Tournament: Gold Standard National Open Tournament
  • Where: 1st United Methodist Church, Colorado Springs
    Google Map: http://mapq.st/i0oI9b
  • When: April 27-30 (you don’t need to come to the entire tournament)
    Available judging slots are listed at registration. One slot requires approximately 3 hours of time, which includes judge orientation. Once oriented, you may judge more than one round.
  • Why: Tournaments such as these are run by participating families, so we NEED community judges to make them run smoothly. All we need is a couple hours of your time to make this possible. Besides, we train you, feed you and treat you like royalty!
  • Are you qualified? Most likely, yes! We need responsible high school graduates; no more experience is necessary. Judge orientation is included, so you are trained before you are given a ballot. Many friendly parents run the tournament and will be glad to help you along.

This event simply can’t be missed, and this is the last chance before summer. If any of these days are available please try to make this work, we have NEVER had anyone regret coming.

Contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for considering this!

If you wish to sign up, let me know and go to https://goldstandard.homeschooldebate.net/ and click on “Judge Registration” at the top. The website will give you all the information you need, to register for a specific time.

We are REALLY looking forward to seeing you there!

God Bless,

~Lydia Jeub

(Photos above by Heidi Mittelberg)


    Errrr. OKAY … I would LOVE to come BACK… hec, I might just have to stay .. but ummm, I haves no monies, I is broke and will be a homeless vagabond soon living out of my old jalopy of a van .. is that still OK ???

    JK JK … :Op I will check it out !


    • TAMMIE E.

      I am replying to myself …. I havent a high school diploma. Can I come back anyway ??? LOL… Tell ur Mom HI for me !!

      Tammie E.

    • Anonymous

      Homelessness is not an excuse. You’re still welcome! 😉

      • Tammie E.

        BW AH AHA HA …

        ok darn it ….. well, without money though, I can’t get there, but you know I would in a split second if I was there !!! (and as it is snowing right now… you know I wish that !) :op