Video Transfer #5

Still moving videos from Google to YouTube. There are a couple fun ones here, but the whooping cough video received a lot of attention. Little Havilah whooping as an infant was a scary time for us years ago, but the video has helped other parents identify whooping cough. It is a rare virus that doctors often fail to diagnose.

Originally uploaded Oct 26, 2008

Originally uploaded May 23, 2008

Originally uploaded Oct 25, 2006

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  • Liz

    NO, pertussis is NOT a rare virus. It is a BACTERIAL disease that was virtually eradicated in the developed world, until a doctor came up with the unfounded theory that vaccinations cause autism, and caused scared, gullible parents to skip vaccinating their children. Doctors fail to diagnose it because, like I said, it had almost disappeared!

  • Ginger

    My sister’s whole family (4 kids) got whooping cough last year. It took a whole month for them to all get over it and it was so awful! They had all been vaccinated against it. 
    Most parents stop vaccinated, not because of fear, but because of knowledge of what vaccines are made of and how they are made.