Ode to Julia Childs: Cookbook Sale

Today is Julia Childs’ birthday. I think I’m going to cook something special. And I got word from our publisher: we’re selling my cookbooks for 1/2 price…this week only. Plus, I want you to be a part of the Volume 3 in a special way.

My cookbooks are unique. Love in the Kitchens have common ingredients, and when something is exquisite or rare, a substitute is included. Not many cookbooks can claim this.

Here’s what you can do: Add your recipe to the Volume 3! I especially want to hear from moms. Give me your best family recipe in the form below. If your recipe is chosen for Volume 3, you will be fully cited and sent a free copy of the new cookbook, set to release in 2012. Here are the criteria for Love in the Kitchen recipes:

  • Ingredients must be fairly easy to find in most American kitchens.
  • Include a short paragraph about how your family enjoys this recipe.
  • Cite any origination of the recipe (don’t cut-n-paste copyrighted recipes).
  • Include measurements and clear instructions.

Volume 3 will be released in 2012. Order the first two volumes at half-price here. Thank you for participating!

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