Who’s Child Is on the Cover?

People often ask if the cover of “Love Another Child” is one of our children. It isn’t. The photo is perfect, though. It shows the acceptance of a husband and wife, their arms so nicely wrapped around their frail child. It is a perfect photo to reflect the intensity of our book.

“Love Another Child” is our most intense book. Some of the themes we cover cut to the truth of how society views children — and then gives a strong rebuttal to it. Unfortunately today, couples make the mistake of avoiding children, dreading them, fearing the prospect of parenting. Our book challenges couples to rethink the all-too-common persuasion that family life should be delayed.

Truth it, marriage, parenting, grandparenting — basically everything to do with family — these are the things worth living for. Jobs, degrees, travels, money — good things, perhaps, but they pale in comparison. They shouldn’t define your lives. Those who wrap their existence around that which is artificial and material are, in our opinion, missing out on the grand game of life. Family: this is what makes life worth living.

The cover of “Love Another Child” is Kendrick Rush Stauffer. He’s the grandson of one of my hunting friends, Ron. Up in a mountain at 11,000 feet altitude, Ron received the first phone call from his son, announcing the news of his firstborn grandson. My friend — elk hunter, Boy Scout leader, business manager, genuine tough guy around a campfire of macho rifle-wielding hunters — **wept** with joy.

These stages in life bring meaning to it all. These are stages no one should miss. These are the truths explained and defended in “Love Another Child”.

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