Micah Is Recovering

This post is an update about Micah. As you may know, he nearly lost a finger making swords out in our wood shed (see Surviving the Emergency Room). It’s wonderful having friends like you to pray us through burdens; we certainly feel the prayers!

Surgery was Thursday. The doctor had to put a nerve block in his arm to do the operation. One of his two nerves were cut through and a tendon had to be reconstructed. The operation went along with flying colors, not a thing to worry about.

Micah is in great spirits. He’s such a character! We told him to start writing down some of the funny jokes he’s coming up with. It may turn into a creative oratory for competition. Here are a few:

  • When I went to the surgeon, he sat me down and took a huge needle and put in my sore finger — twice — then left a huge golf ball bubble in my hand. He pushed on it, as hard as he could, then he asked, “Does that hurt?” “Naw, you just poked a needle in my sore hand and then pushed on it! Thanks for that ‘slappy’.”
  • Micah calls the oxygen “hooking an air compressor to my face to make my eyes pop out of my head and shoot out into the parking lot!”
  • “Did he go to school for 8 years to learn how to do that?”

Chris mentioned how much he appreciated spending time with Micah alone. Though it threw his work week off balance, the time he spent talking with Micah was really special.

Micah has his forearm wrapped up in a sling, and he has at least a month getting out of dish duty. Again, thank you for your prayers!

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  • Kate Fannin

    What a blessing that he is able to have a sense of humor during all of it! I often wonder myself if they really go to school 8 years just to do some of the things they do :0p I am so glad all is going well and I pray for a quick and full recovery!

    • Spfriends2

      Is this Mrs. Fannin that was a teacher in Napa, CA?

  • Shemmariah86

    what   a   wonderful   testimony  and  praise  his   goodness   in   any  time  may   god’s   hand    be   up   on   Micah   and    strengthen    him.

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