Wendy Advocates Daily Chocolate

Wendy’s diet book Love in a Diet actually advocates a daily consumption of chocolate. No kidding! What diet book will do that? She explains why it’s a good idea.

Wendy’s book Love in a Diet has sold for over two years now, and it remains an encouragement for moms who struggle with weight issues. Actually, whether or not you “struggle,” you’ll enjoy Wendy’s perspective on health and fitness. It speaks into women’s lives like most diet books fail to do. Consider this excerpt where Wendy speaks about high-energy foods:

Wendy's Diet Book“I hope you realize [the single] most important reason I felt the need to write Love in a Diet. Go into a bookstore and browse through the diet section. They’re all written by high-energy people! The covers of their books show them flexing their abs and showing off their fat-free bodies. Most moms simply aren’t like that, but we need encouragement and guidance on how to keep our weight managed and our health good.”

Wendy was too modest to put a picture of herself on the cover, but I managed to talk her into the back cover. Take a look at it (click on the image for a full view). Wendy lost 50 pounds while having our last eight children. What better selling point is that? I’m telling you, this is a knock out book.

And the book is only $5 (regular $14.95). Now you have no excuse. Buy one today.


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  • jem

    Chococlate, I can relate to that, it’s my favorite vegetable!