How to Run a Family Business

Venture Academy Lecture Series – Trailer from Franklin Springs on Vimeo.

The Christian Business DVD package was sold separately these past few years as the videos came out. I bought them all. I can’t recommend them enough.

Especially today. Unemployment and an uncertain economy brings families to this realization: Is employment in my future? Lost employment or job dissatisfaction may be God’s queue to you:  Time to head out on your own and start a family business.

It’s hard work. Frustrating at times. Half the pay for twice the work. But when asked if it’s worth it, those of us in the self-employed world will chuckle at the silly question and respond, “Absolutely!”

Now, I’m going to make a wild comparison. When Wendy and I were set on starting a family business, I knew I needed to educate myself. I attained my MBA in 2005. I learned a lot, and I have a nice plaque on my wall. I feel important. Cost: $35,000. I’m still paying it off.

Over the past few years I’ve ordered The Christian Business DVD package, sold separately. I bought them up whenever they were released. My family sat down and watched every minute, applying the strategies to our family business. We learned together what my MBA taught me, and then some. Cost: about $400. That bill is long behind me.

I know. That’s a doozie of a comparison, but it’s true!

Now Franklin Springs is selling the package for a whopping low price of $99.95. Use the coupon code FS-CBP-7925 by September 22 and the complete package drops to $79.95, plus free shipping. That’s an incredible deal, and I cannot recommend it more. See details here.

About Chris Jeub

Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • Ann

    Chris, we have talked for years about going into dog breeding with my parents, who live nearby. Lately I have been wondering if we should stop talking about it and do it. I keep putting it on the shelf because we find ourselves blessed with another little lovie and I don’t want to take care of doggie babies at the same time we have a new human baby. :-) Anyway…my question is…do you think this series would be beneficial in starting up?

    • Chris Jeub

      It sounds perfect, really. The Family Works series are documentaries on family businesses just like yours, which will probably hit home for you. The larger Venture Academy series are the nuts-n-bolts of how to run a business, start up included.