How to Throw a Birthday Bash

Our theme this year is The Princess Bride, and notice the name of one of the prizes.

Today is our annual Jeub Birthday Bash. Our kids will have over a hundred people over for fun and fellowship. It was our central theme to our television show five years ago. As we do every year, we’re going to have a ball!

The idea of a “birthday bash” is to throw one big party for all the children (we have a small celebration for each individual child on their actual birthdays). For large families like ours, this makes incredible sense. But even for a modest-sized family, the joy of working together for a collaborative festival is definitely worth it.

Do you think you could throw a Birthday Bash for your family? Here’s a timeline of plans to give you an idea of what we do to throw the big bash.

  • Choose a date, about two months out. We go with Saturdays. We also go with September, the perfect month for a collaborative Jeub birthday party. Why? Because no Jeub was born in September; no one can claim it as their own!
  • Choose a theme, about one month out, and send invitations. This makes for great dinnertime discussion. We chose The Princess Bride, a family favorite movie, as a theme. We use our old Christmas list to send out invitations. We send them out via email and ask for RSVPs through a Google Form.
  • Clean. Most families choose the spring for their ultimate “spring cleaning,” the time where the entire house is polished to perfection. We choose September, primarily because the motivation of the Birthday Bash motivates us.
  • Plan together. The best ideas come from dinner-table conversations about what we can do. A scavenger hunt “Search for Princess Buttercup”; a pinata of a “Rodent of Unusual Size”; the creek as the “Fire Swamp.” You have to watch The Princess Bride to fully appreciate the humor.

We can’t emphasize enough: a birthday bash is awesome fun. Here’s an older article that goes into more planning details. Now, we’ve got to get going on the fun. We’ll post pictures later!

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Mary Lou Allevato

    Hating to miss this!  That is one of our favorite movies (and candies).  We will only have 70 at our BBQ today.  Enjoy the PERFECT weather!

    • Chris Jeub

      Probably one of the nicest September days ever. Too bad you can’t make it, Mary Lou. Come over if you run out of food!

  • Brianandsusan1

    This sounds great! WE are having ours next weekend. WE like to do homemade invitations so each child had a picture of something that pertained specifically to them…Tori drew a duck for helself because she LOVES ducks, Tiffany was a flower, and little Tracy was an owl because whenever she cries she sounds like an owl. WE found an owl pinata that we are filling with candy, but i also want to show the kids how to make a home made pinata by blowing up a balloon, covering it with vasaline, and then covering it with starch coated newspaper strips. I found little ceramic figurines on sale at Michael’s for 20 cents a piece so i bought about 40 of them and we are going to paint those. Other than that, just running around the yard, playing volleyball, scooters, tetherball and everything else we have usually keeps them occupied. When their energy starts to wear down that’s when I pull out cake and ice cream. With a second wind, off they go again, and it is kind of a mommy day too, because all my friends are the mothers of my kids friends so we sit around and talk and they always help me clean at the end! Praise God for my awesome Christian friends!!!! I am LOVING the birthday bash idea! I love Princess bride, and this may sound completely narsacistic, but I would be so happy if my husband started saying “as you wish Buttercup”, but I am so thankful for my husband because I would very much dislike him going away for months at a time being a pirate! HaHa! OK I have friends whose husbands are insurance adjusters, they go away whenever there is a disaster, seriously, I couldn’t do it. The “ROUS” would be extinct because my huband would hunt them out of existance….and I would let him. Billy Chrystal “Mad Max” would be our family physician and they would give my kids chocolate balls for medicine. OK come on, you smiled at that one and maybe even thought it was “plausable”. When someone is being mean we just say “he is being such a Humperdink”. HahA……..maybe we will do Princess Bride for Tara’s sweet 16….!

  • Jill

    So, when I saw your show back in 07 you had a price budget for the party, and food ect… curious as to know how much was spent this year, I think its just so neat, I wish they would actually do more shows with your family, like the Duggars. I think your family is awsome! would love to see pics posted of the party!

  • Ginger

    We do something similar. We have two kids’ birthday parties a year- a Spring Fling and a Fall Fest. They’re both at a park, because the weather is great, I don’t have to think of ways to entertain the kids, and clean-up consists of throwing all the plates and cups away. 😀 
    Our parties are for my kids and my sister’s kids: I have 8; she has 5 so far. We just invite family. 
    On the kids’ individual birthdays, they pick one friend and hubby or I take them out to lunch at the restaurant of their choice and then their friend comes back to the house to play the day away. 

  • Catherinemulhall

    This is a wonderful idea which i loved when i saw it on t.v now we host an annual Cox family Birthday Bash thanks for the great idea Wendy.

  • Katie

    Princess butter cups LOL I love it!  That is so funny that none of your kids were born in September.  Half of my kids were, and none were even due in September!  They were born 1 day apart, so now I’m trying to decide if I want to have their parties together or seperately.  I like the idea of a big birthday bash, but I think my husband is leaning more towards seperately this time because he wants to make a big deal out of the 1st birthday of his first son, and do a boy theme.  Maybe next time though!