Jeub Practices to Awesome Photos

Jeub Family Photo 2011

We’re not a professional photographers, but folks who visit our home and see the pictures on our wall always rant and rave at the top-quality photos we have scattered about. It has taken several years of family pictures to come up with some key practices to taking good family photos. We want to share with you a tradition that we’ve kept for years, and we’d like to hear yours in the comment section.

Here’s what we do…

  1. We rely on a good camera. We own a Canon EO5 Rebel T2i. It’s sort of top-of-the-line amateur camera. It hurt taking the plunge to buy it a year ago, but we have not regretted it one bit. The memories that a good camera captures is worth it.
  2. We take our pictures every year at the same time. We do all our profile pictures the morning of our Birthday Bash. It has become a tradition. The house is clean and the kids shower in the morning, and I take them outside for individual pictures (see below). I then touch them up in iPhoto and send them to our local 1-hour-photo at Walmart. I pick them up before our party.
  3. We keep the 8×10’s in the picture frame. We have each of our child’s yearly profile picture in the 8×10 frame. It is a joy to pop them open and reminisce of how the kids have changed. We love to compare the current baby with the baby pictures of the older kids. What a joyful time we spend in the living room today — usually the hour before 150 people show up for the party.
  4. We display their yearly pictures. Their pictures are on the wall in our living room, easy for visitors to see right when they walk in. We make copies for the grandparents and send them through the mail.

So those are our practices to awesome photos. How about you? What do you do to take those memorable pictures? Share your ideas in the comment section below…

Individual photos of the Jeub children

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • Kat Morris

    I have a cannon too.  It does take beautiful pictures.

  • Lynn W.

    What a great tradition!  We try to take bi-annual photos of the family and each individual, but it takes so much work and we don’t really have a set date to do it, so it kind of takes a backseat to things and doesn’t happen as often as we’d like.  But reading about your routine is really inspiring, and makes me want to try a bit more to establish this as a tradition for our family!

  • Bob Shupe

    Good post guys. We do something very similar as well. We have an arrangement in our main hall that has photos of the kids and a group shot of everyone. I shoot a Nikon D300 and while the cost is something that has to be considered carefully and save for diligently the results are so worth the price on all levels. Now that we are blogging I am able to use this camera for most of the photos on our blog as well. Somethings I just dont have time to set up and do so Erika takes them with our Canon point-n-shoot to save time when deadlines are looming. lol.

    Another family tradition that was born a few years back is that of getting all the extended family together and do a large family shot with all the in-laws, cousins and grandparents etc. This has been a really fun activity to do and is a real blessing to family who dont get to see us in person often. Again, we use my camera, I do all the set up etc. and then we have someone we know who is gracious enough to come with us take the shots. I do all the post processing etc after that.


  • Gena

    Thanks for the camera recommendation. Tomorrow we’re heading to the mall for a family photo shoot, but it would be fun to do it this way, and the same time every year!

  • Anonymous

    I also enjoy color coordinating the gang :)  It’s fun!   not necessarily identically — just the same palette.

  • Tammie

    Gosh they are getting big, and that is only since I seen them in March. Micah looks so different, maybe it is his hair ? I love your photos .. they do turn out wonderful, and I dont think the Colorado sun hurts any either :) He he he … maybe next time I get to drop by, I will have you take ours too. :) HUGS !