Returning TV as a Family Medium


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Television is a very interesting concept in that it is seen as both an enrichment of and detraction from life at different times and in different circumstances. Some see television watching as a waste of time no matter what; some think that in moderation, television watching can be beneficial or helpful; and others see no need to restrain themselves or others from watching all of the television that they want. These issues and different views are particularly evident in families, where parents often end up regulating “tv time” to some extent. However, this is not to say that television is at all detrimental to family time. In fact, particularly with regard to some of the expansive new programming packages being offered by direct tv and dish network, television can actually be a wonderful part of family life.

It used to be that television was laid out in a very specific pattern. Daytime programming generally consisted of news shows and light entertainment, primarily aimed for adults with specific interests, or idle viewers looking to be distracted. Late afternoon had a lot of kids’ shows, geared toward children returning home from school. And, the late night schedule featured more dramas and shows aimed at adults. Of course, this pattern is extremely generalized, and is also still existent to some extent today. However, thanks to improved channel selection and features like DVR, tv time is no longer as segregated.

These days, it is quite easy to find shows for the whole family to enjoy, if nothing other than because there is an increasingly broader selection of programs. Additionally, it is far easier for families to gather at the same time to watch these shows, simply because DVR allows programs to be recorded and watched at any time. This means that if your family’s favorite show airs while you or your spouse is still at work, and/or while your children are at school or busy with activities, you can simply record it and set up a time for the family to watch together.

The ultimate effect of these changes and new features is that television can actually have a very positive effect on family time. Many people unfairly assume that watching tv is not a “together” activity, and that it prevents families from actually enjoying each other’s company. However, mutual enjoyment of a source of entertainment is no new concept, and has always been a great source of bonding and togetherness for friends and family alike. Finding a show that is appropriate and enjoyable to all is a fantastic way for families to spend a little bit more time together every night, and provides lots of quality entertainment and good times.

  • Bethany Barthel

    We let the kids watch PBSKids cartoons and after they have gone to bed we enjoy other excellent PBS programming like Nature, Nova, American Experience, Masterpiece Theater, etc. I think our kids would be dismayed to find out we usually have ice cream and other snacks to go with our programming! :)

  • Ron Stauffer

    Who are you Guest Writer?  :-)

  • Gabriela Kee

    I think our problem with tv is we would end up watching it constantly.  We just have the local channels and they don’t have much on.  When we want to watch something specific (an important sports game or so) we go over to my grandparents.  That keeps us at a heathy level of tv watching.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BZXHT7XDXDDSOBCWGPTUGYGV5Q Elizabeth

    Love the photo, we had a TV just like that. I admit I don’t watch much TV since I grew up without it but there is good programming available if you look.