“The View” on the Duggars

The Duggars Announce Their 20th Child

We’re one of five families listed on ABC News yesterday. Check out the full slideshow “The Duggars and Four Other Supersize Families.”

Something strikes me about the pictures. They’re all poses. Including ours. So much of the joy of large family living is taken out. Morning breakfast, afternoon activities, evening chores — there’s so much life going on that it is difficult to imagine. The playful life of a large family is lost in the poses.

Perhaps this is what fascinates people about families of unusual numbers. We can’t begin to express to you how awesome it is. Check out the following clip from The View.

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What do you think of The View‘s opinions?

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The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • BJ

    We don’t have television, so I haven’t ever seen the View, but I have heard of it.  Honestly, I’m shocked that Whoopi Goldberg was so supportive.  I used to follow Hollywood a little more, and I think that’s probably the only time I’ve ever agreed with her!  LOL

    A word of warning, blog readers–don’t click on the clip with your children in the room.  There is a little racy talk.  I was scrambling for the mute button!

    Thanks for sharing, Jeubs! 

    • Chris Jeub

      On Whoopi: That’s exactly what I thought. She was surprisingly reverent toward “very Christian families.” Maybe envious? Hmmm. 

      • Carolina

        No, I think just fascinated, like many people are.

        Most people could have 16, if they wanted them. Quite honestly, most people don’t. I myself couldn’t take the noise, lack of privacy, and financial responsibilities. But I wish you the best!

        • Wendy Jeub

          “Most people could have 16 children if they wanted them” Really!? I don’t ‘think’ it is that easy. Actually I ‘know’ it is not that easy. I do believe that each child is a gift from God. I also believe that it is a common misconception to ‘think’ that you could have 16 if just wanted to.

          There is not much about ’16 children’ that is easy but it is the best rewarding job. I love it!

          • Katie

            Well Wendy I know I could not have 16 even if I wanted to, because I am already too old!  And I married young!  I suspect that people who waited a while to marry, especially career ladies, find themselves in a similar boat and feel lucky to have any children at all.  After my 1st child my doctor told me I had only 1 functioning ovary and it would be difficult for me to concieve without medication.  I refused it and went on to have 3 more children naturally!  But not everyone should expect miracles!!

          • Carolina

            I was speaking of birth and adoption. The love for a child is the same. Anyone, if they chose, could open their home to 16 kids.

          • Janie

             Wow. It sounds like you are really invested in being special for having 16.

            Centuries ago, when there was no birth control and people married young, having 16 kids was fairly common.

            And your mind seems quite closed to adoption. Have you never heard of people growing their family this way?

            Having a lot of kids, from more than one father, is really not a unique feet.

            • Janie

              oops, I meant to write,

              “Having a lot of kids, especially from more than one father, is really not a unique feat.”


            • Vixthemom

              I dont know if having 16 children was “all that common”.. larger families, yes, 16 maybe not.

              In my opinion Wendy and Chris are blessed with 16 kids all from the same Father. 😉

            • Anna Cross

              I think the Jeubs are special for lots of reasons… but the fact that they chose to welcome 16 (or more) children IS special, especially in light of the majority of families in our society – who choose new cars, larger homes, and *stuff* over the love of another human being.

              • Janie

                I think they don’t feel led to have 16. Who are we to say they are wrong? It is between them and their God.

        • Arlene

          I don’t think very many women could have 16 kids. I haven’t prevented any pregnancies for nearly 18 years, and I have (only) 9. Besides the fact that a lot of us just don’t get pregnant for the first year after having a baby, there is also the fact that a lot of women are unable to have any more children after a difficult delivery, injury, or illness.

        • Lisa

          I don’t think most people could have 16 children.  Studying conception and the miracle of each child affirms that God is the center of these blessings.  People could choose to open their home to as many as God blessed them, but it might not come in the number of 16 or even more than one or any.  So many people struggle with infertility that it is a remarkable humbling blessing to have one child.  I love that God has unique plans for different families and how it seems the large families catch the eyes of many unbelievers.  What a GREAT opportunity to glorify God.  It is refreshing to see families like the Duggars, Jeubs etc doing just that. 

  • Melinda

    I used to love watching the Duggar’s because following the life of such a large family was very interesting to me!  I loved watching them do the day to day ordinary things like grocery shopping for their family.  However, I quite watching the show a couple years ago because the show no longer covered the normal daily activities of a large family.  I could care less about them all traveling to Disney World.  I want to see them tackling that big pile of laundry, or how they manage the finances of such a large family.  That is what is  interesting to me…the normal day to day life of the Duggar’s. 

    • Chris Jeub

      Good point, and one we observed between the two seasons of our show “Kids by the Dozen.” Our onsite producer sought to tell each family’s story (Arndts, Heppners and ours). The second season — not surprisingly, not as popular — was a bit staged. That’s why Wendy and I have this site: show the real us. “Spread the love,” so to speak.

  • Carolina

    It’s so much more than the numbers, isn’t it? You can have love and affection and respect in any size family, as you’ve said time and again.

    • Chris Jeub


  • Saralyn234

    The photo caption said that you live with your 16 children.  Have Alicia and Alyssa moved back home?  How are they both doing?

    • Chris Jeub

      Heh, no. They’re 28/26! Alicia is in Denver, Alissa in Australia.

  • Molliemaldonado

    Beautiful Jana is missing from that photo!

  • T. Gates

    I think some people have problems with large families because they’re convicting.  I think a lot of people beyond child bearing years look back with regret that they did not have more children.  We have 5, and I would love to have more!  Si much is learned from having a larger family, and you just can’t describe it; you just have to experience it to know!

    • Chris Jeub

      True. I find it interesting that The View ladies are genuinely interested, Maude (is that her name?) is the only one that starts down the “this shouldn’t be allowed!” road. The other three appear fond of the Duggars, and open to children … at least other people having large families.

      • T. Gates

        I think some of their support could come from this “accept and tolerate everyone for who they are movement”, which is great when that means being in favor of or “tolerating” larger families etc. But, it’s not so great when it means accepting things that the Bible stands against!

  • Karen Stevens

    If it is possible, let’s forget about what “the world” is saying about the Duggars and look at what FELLOW CHRISTIANS are saying about them!  As a mom to 6 children (5 born in 6 years), I’ve been in their shoes, so to speak — when friends/family found out about us not using birth control and opening our hearts to what God has planned for us, we got MORE grief from our Christian family members than we got from unbelievers!  That is what grieves me about the Duggars — I was shocked to hear what the women of “The View” had to say because I really didn’t believe they would be as “nice” as they were.  However, folks who are truly Christians should be supporting the Duggars (and the Jeub’s, the Bates’, and other families like this) instead of criticizing or making fun of them.  It breaks my heart….

    • Gaylene

      I couldn’t agree more Karen!  We only have 4 children and are hoping for more.  But we get just as much grief from Christians in our own church as we do from our family who are non-believers.

    • Jennifer Mull

      Karen, I agree completely, and I have often told people that it is easier to explain my convictions to an unbeliever than to most Christians… at least the defensiveness of an unbeliever is easier to deal with… they are more likely to say, “more power to ya!”

      But, a Christian will do everything they can to convince you that either they just couldn’t handle having more, or they couldn’t afford it, or God called them to be good stewards of their finances, or He called them to stop having children after a certain number, etc. There is a spiritual warfare involved when someone who is following Christ, but refuses to submit in an area, and then has to come face to face with the fact that someone else is proving that it CAN be done….. there is a completely different spirit when it is a person who didn’t follow in this area, but acknowledges that maybe they should’ve or weren’t able to…. the defensiveness one encounters, esp. in a believer, tells a lot about what is going on inside…

      • Calla

        How do you know what God is calling someone else to do? If they say they’re called to stop having children after a certain number, isn’t that between them and God?

        I mean, I think God is calling Chris Jeub to get a j-o-b because he has children to support, but that’s just my opinion.  I’m not in on what God has to say to him.

    • Molliemaldonado

      I agree Karen and the thought process is so foreign where  I live. If I say anything along the lines of “large family” “giving it over to God” etc I get this spaced out look.

  • Brandi

    I am a big fan of the Dugger family and have been since they did 14 kids and counting.  On the night they aired the show that she was expecting number 20, I believe my heart skipped a beat. I have watched their children grow and I have 2 that are the same age as Jennifer and Joy Anna.  Even though my family isn’t a part of their lives, they have been a part of ours.  At first I thought, “How could she do this to her family?”.  Considering everything they went through the last time with having to uproot the entire family and move hours away to relocate to be nearby I could not understand how they would risk that happening again.  Also, not long after that Michelle had to have surgery for gall stones I believe so I couldn’t understand why she was putting her body through that again.  But as I sat there in my disbelief,  my little angel popped up on my shoulder and asked me “who are you to judge?”.  Shocked, I realized that was exactly what I was doing.  As great as a  mom as Michelle is,  I have to believe that they learned from their past experience and are prepared for whatever comes there way, like before.  We can’t let fear for ourselves or for others dictate our next step.  It is God’s decision to bless her with another child and if He feels she is deserving and capable, then I am “off my rocker!” to question otherwise.  May God continue to bless this family and I am going to do like Michelle and seek out the positive and ignore the negative.  May God continue to bless your family also! 

    • Wendy Jeub

      Really wonderful! Thank you for the post.

  • Elizabeth

    In reality large families are nothing new. I went to school with kids whose family consisted of 18 children, same Mom and Dad. They lived in poverty. Another family had 13 living children (some had died), they also lived in extreme poverty, though all 13 kids, who were usually the valedictorian of their respective school class, went on to graduate from 4 year colleges or universities, many went on to advanced degrees. The parents were both college graduates but chose to live a self sufficient life beginning in the 1940’s. They grew their own food, raised their own cattle and chickens. They ran a saw mill and lumber yard.  None had a large family of their own. My neighbor is a 65 y.o African American, he is one of 23 siblings, same Mom and Dad. 7 siblings are now deceased. The Mom was a chef, the Dad a master chef and AME minister. None had more than 5 or 6 children, most went on to college. My neighbor is a public school teacher. It’s just the advent of cable TV that has made big families seem like something out of the ordinary. There have always been large families but we only knew the ones in our own community.

    • jenny

      Your neighbor is one of 23 siblings, same mom and dad…….WOW!

      • Elizabeth

        Yes, and we all love listening to his stories about growing up as 1 of 23 kids.

        • Carolina

          Why does it matter if it’s the same mom and dad? Doesn’t it just matter if there is love in the house?

        • Wendy Jeub

          That is inspiring !

  • jenny

    I would say the Jeub family pose is definitely more playful, how you ever got them to pose on the edge of the trampoline without them running off and jumping is beyond me!

    I thought the view actually had a good view this time.

  • Wendy Jeub

    I am surprised at how positive Whoopi Goldberg was! Joy said something ‘dumb’ but moved on to more positive. The girls on the right side were a crack up! Give them a prize! LOL! One says “How are they still having ‘s*x’? and the other one said “If she is on birth control they better pick a different one because it ain’t working”! LOL

    They were actually pretty ‘Jovial’ about the whole thing. Kinda nice.

  • Rebecca Clark

    Every time Joy B opens her mouth I want to put a sock in it!

    • Debbie

      What a Christlike comment

    • Molliemaldonado

      LOL! What? There is a Jo-Hannah and a Joyanna I believe,but who is Joy B?

      • Holly

        I think they are talking about Joy Behar on The View

  • Jennifer Mull

    I was very impressed… I felt myself guarded a bit as I started watching the clip… but was very happy with how they responded…. I was also surprised by the support shown….

    I believe that Jim Bob Duggar has to be one of the bravest men on the planet…. He has said all along that it was up to Michelle, he knows the danger she was in last time, we all know he is devoted to her, he knows the whole world is watching… but he has not backed down on his convictions. He is willing to take the heat for Michelle, too. This is a man who loves God more than anything!

    He let the whole world see him cry when Josie was born and he told the world, “we praise God in the good times, we praise Him in the bad times, too!” I think he is quite courageous! I wish people would realize how hard Michelle has worked to get her body into better physical condition….. I notice that this has been somewhat ignored… she looks so much better than just after her last pregnancy. She has made changes… in the end, though, it is all in God’s hands anyway…. which is their point…..

    • Wendy Jeub

      You are so right! There is so much courage in that family. I just love them.

      • Janie

        Courage? It would take courage to stop having kids and to mother the ones they have. If Michelle dies in childbirth, will you feel the same way about them? I think she is very reckless.

    • Carolina

      I don’t understand why it’s “up to Michelle”.

      I thought they were leaving it up to God.

      Which is it? It’s hard to emphathize with this family when they say conflicting things.

      • Wendy Jeub

        I think it is very cute.

      • Molliemaldonado

        He was making a joke when he said that. 

        • kate

          He leaves it up to Michelle because she’s the one having the kids. Any decent husband would agree. He isn’t abusive and says “You must have these kids!!”

  • Lilaf

    Well, I’ve really learned ALOT from the Duggars and other large families.  I think they’ve really been a witness to me.  I don’t come from a large family or that kind of environment at all, and honestly, I’d never thought much about family size at all. I think alot of folks kind of just have their “2.5” kids b/c well, that’s what you’re “supposed” to do. (not that there is anything wrong with having few children, but  I just mean it’s a norm that has become followed.)

    But to be honest, here’s how I’ve really felt about the Duggars. They’ve been witnesses to me, but it wasn’t always easy to accept that witness. I’m a very proud and resistant person. And I hold myself to high standards in life. So when the Duggars come out and say they’re having #18, 19, 20… (and have it all together too) it seems like ‘wow, they’re so competent at life, and I’m so not.’ And I really think it’s that jealousy that makes people freak out.  I think that when life doesn’t turn out so great, and others’ lives do turn out great, we blame ourselves, and get jealous, but really we just need to turn around and try another way.

    But if you look on their website, they admit that they only got where they are by the grace of God too! So I guess that’s my honest feeling about them.  I guess we all just need to listen to God and embrace the callings he has for us, no matter what that is.

    • Chris Jeub

      Wow. I think this is one of my favorite of the comments on our site. Thank you!

      • kate

        Me too! So well said!

    • Tammie

      I agree totally. What a great point made !

  • Adam Ewert

    I don’t have a problem with people who
    want to adopt a child, because that is the only way some couples can
    ever have a child. I just don’t think it’s the same as having your
    own child. It is a very special bond between a married couple; when
    they conceive a child together. You don’t get that bond when you
    adopt a child. You don’t get the joy of watching, feeling, or seeing
    the life you created enter the world.

    I don’t know how anyone could give up
    their child in the first place. For me it would be like giving up an
    arm or leg. I think it’s a shame that there are so many children in
    need of parents. There is no way in the world, in this day and age
    that people should have a child they don’t want. If you don’t want a
    child then take the steps to prevent becoming pregnant.

    I think that couples that have large
    families are very blessed. Large families seem to have more of a
    bond. I don’t know what I would do with out just one of my children.
    I will take all the children God is willing to give me, they are
    worth more to me than all the material things in the world. It’s
    perfectly OK for a woman to have 20 pairs of shoes she never wares
    but if she chooses to have 20 children people want to criticize her.
    I am thankful for people like the Duggars, Jeubs, and the Bates.
    They give me the inspiration, courage, and desire to follow though
    with God’s plans.

    There are people out there that talk about how large families are using too many resources. A large family uses less resources then smaller family. Large families tend recycle more of the things that small families tend to discard when they get tired of them.

    I’m very happy and excited for the
    Duggars. For all of you that want to judge, that’s fine go ahead.
    While I am cuddling up with my children and enjoy all the love they
    give, you can cuddle up with whatever you think is important and
    try to get one drop of love out of it.

    Sorry if I got off the subject, but
    here you go.

    • Khrista

      I have adopted and I can assure you that the bond is exactly the same.

      Have you adopted, too, or are you just guessing?

      • Cindy

        I agree Khrista!!!!  I am the mother of two biological children and one adopted. I would give my life for any of them !!!!!

    • Elizabeth

      Unless you’ve adopted you cannot say that adoption isn’t the same as having yor own child. I’ve never given birth and can’t pretend to know what it’s like. I have adopted 3 times and I know what it’s like, you don’t. I’d die for any of my kids and I’m like a mama lioness protecting them.

    • kate

       My best friend is adopted. The love her and her mother have for each other is stronger than any other mother daughter bond I have ever seen.

      Her and her mother are a testimony of the love a mother and daughter can
      have even though she was not conceived in her mothers womb.

      She loves her adoptive mother and father more than anything and could not imagine life without them.

      Her original birth mother got pregnant at age 16 and was strongly
      advised by her family to have an abortion.  Thank God she chose
      adoption!!! My friend and I are very close and met each other in college. I thank God every day her birth mother
      didn’t listing to others who said there isn’t a bond between adoptive
      parents and their children and opposed abortion and chose life for her

      The Duggars have expressed interest in adopting children and hope to in
      the future. They will love their adopted children the same as they love
      their other children. The Duggars believe ALL children are blessings.

    • Kimmie_luvsu

      I could care less if they have 100 and counting. I am sorry for her loss. However, I think YOU are wrong with your theory on adoption. I have 2 children, both adopted. I was blessed with watching them come into this world. Both of them were born addicted to drugs and they have both had many struggles. But the bond, the bond is incredible! I am sure it is just as strong as the one you have with your children. I know, just as God made your children for you, he made mine for ME and though they did not pass through my body to get here they are MINE!

    • AdoptedChild

       Adam as an adopted child, I only have this to say: “You, sir, are an idiot.”

  • Tammie E.

    I have noticed it is hard to explain believing in God to people who do not think he exists. Alot of times people dont have faith because they cant see what it is they are having faith about, yet they teach thier kids Santa and Easter Bunny kind of stuff never making any mention to them of God. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an issue with people who do Santa or the Bunny, but it is very similar to that of God, in the way that we have to have faith to see him.

    I have had 8 children, and it has taken me a while to actually learn any amount of faith because here on earth loved ones didnt teach me faith and they weren’t there alot of times when I needed them to be. So for me to say I could give my all to God, the whole entrustment of my being’ …. has been a hard thing for me to do. I have spent alot of time finding friends that felt with similar ways I have felt and were encouraging to me.

    I do not believe the Duggars or any other large size family starts thier marital life with the intention of setting out to try to impress others but instead to just let God take control.

    We all do things in life that sometimes we wish we could take back or change slightly in some way. I spoke with my mother the other day after I lost our son and she told me of how she gave my brother (whom I have never met) up for adoption and to her, she could relate to that as a loss because she said it took her many years to get over the thought that she had not kept the gift God gave to her and had been questioning him long ago.  There is nothing wrong with giving your child up for adoption or accepting the love of a child into your life if you cannot have children, what a good idea to think about though is that, though there is adoption it doesn’t mean we as a society have to stop accepting the blessings God gives. Leaving it up to him means entrusting him with everything and having the faith that whether or not things are seen, you know they exist.

    I would never hold anyone’s personal beliefs or convictions against them. Everyone has a different journey through life and if having many , having less, adopting or not is what has been placed on your heart for your life then because I am not God and will not question God.. I have faith that when one follows thier heart and has the faith he wants us to have, The world will listen and be a better place.

    • Chris Jeub

      Your comment reminds me of an old saying, “Let go and let God.”

  • Heather E.

    I can’t think of a better way to honor your marriage and God than to follow His will for your life and family, and for some, that means being blessed with more than the average number of children! I watch many of the families mentioned in that slideshow live life in service to one another, with grace and love, and am thankful several have been equally blessed with a platform to share their families with me!  I gain inspiration as I see the love and grace in action with larger than average families, and am so thankful I am able to see them in all their stages; playful, serious, praising and worshiping, making messes and cleaning.  Thank you for providing such Godly examples so that others may see and hear and learn.

    • Chris Jeub

      “Love and grace.” You know, you touch on an interesting point. The larger the family, the more love and grace is required. In my opinion, there is less to control, and we find ourselves having to let go and let God take care of things. Hmm, good reflection. Thanks Heather!

  • Mindy Rice

    First of all to all the critics out there you really have too much time on your hands!  Why is it so disturbing to you that someone would choose to have a large family.  The Duggars and the Jeubs are self supporting, are raising wonderful, well adjusted kids with morals and virtues, productive, intelligent members of society.  They are not of welfare or any kind of public assistance. Having a large family is very special in my opinon.  It means being creative (with your money and your time), being fearless, being able to adapt.  I have a small family (one child, my husband and two kitties) and I have learned many invaluable things from Wendy (and Chris) Jeub. (Saving money on groceries, having a positive additude, raising goldy, loving children, not sweating the small stuff.  I really hope some day that I’m privileged enough to sit around the Jeubs dinner table!

    • Janie

      The Duggars are not on any public assistance? Really? Josie’s care must have cost millions. Who do you think paid for it? Most insurances have a limit. Do you think Jim Bob and Michelle paid the rest? I don’t know, I’m asking.

      What about the Jeubs? Aren’t they getting “assistance” when they ask doctors and hospitals to cut bills by 50% here, or $3000 there? 

      What about the Bates? They admitted to getting care from the ER, saying that in the US they have to treat you regardless of ability to pay.

      Taking your family for a walk through Costco for dinner–that is getting assistance, too. Assistance from Costco.

      • Chris Jeub

        Avoiding retail price is the same as government assistance? Eating samples at Costco is something to be ashamed? Sidestepping insurance and paying cash, avoiding ridiculous markups, is akin to begging? 

        Gee, Janie, you just dissed everyone in the world. With the standards you’re setting, I’m not sure you’ll ever respect frugal families.

        • Janie

          I think it’s unfortunate that this surgeon saved the use of Micah’s hand, and

          a. Micah makes jokes about his skill (saying “This is what he went to school for 8 years for?”)
          b. you print those jokes on your website
          c. you negotiate to reduce what you feel his “ridiculous markup.”

          How can you put the price on the use of a hand? How would you know it is a “ridiculous” markup–do you know his costs and expenses? Why would you make fun of a person who owes you so much?

          • Chris Jeub

            You’re grasping for a negative, Janie. You’ve got to lighten up; we’re not making fun of the doctor, and we’re not ungrateful.

            As for markup, this is an issue with the healthcare industry admits. The very reason they markup their charges has nothing to do with the cost of the procedure, but much more to do with extra-procedural costs like insurance bureaucracy and their own medical malpractice insurance. 

            When we self-pay, we totally sidestep these issues, making for a cleaner, more direct relationship with the doctor. Doctors are more than happy to work with us on this. And most of them can take jabs from a 14 year old.

            • Janie

              Maybe so, but I wouldn’t allow my 14-year old to *make* jabs at the doctor who saved his hand and who was giving me a discount.

            • JJ

              That surgeon did 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 5-7 years of surgical residency, and a one year hand surgery fellowship.

              Is Micah in any position to laugh at him?

              I teach my children to respect highly trained professionals like that.

              • Chris Jeub

                I teach my children to lighten up.
                I teach adults to not unfairly judge others, especially children.

              • Janie

                Actually, my comment is directed to you, not Micah. Kids say inappropriate things all the time, it is the parents’ job to correct them. Not to post it on their blog.

                “Lighten up” doesn’t mean to blurt out every thought that comes out of your mouth. (At least I hope it doesn’t).

    • Chris Jeub

      Thank you, Mindy. You are very kind!

  • Spike5

    I find it interesting that so many of the comments on this site are badly spelled and ungrammatical.  I’m not judging, just wondering if that’s significant. I browse a lot of sites and the percentage here is unusually high.