“Somebody Needs to Pay for All My Children”

This video explains the long and tremulous drama of Angel Yulee Adams, mother of 15 children, 12 of whom are minors currently in foster care. Not since the Octomom hit the news has there been outrage at the number of children one woman would be “allowed” to have.

We find this case very interesting. Take the poll, and results of the poll are viewable after you complete the form. If you have more to say, please comment below in the comment section. We’d love to hear what you have to say!

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  • Fruitful Harvest

    WOW a lot going on with that story!
    I think the woman is mentally ill. I know that in our socity she may feel judged for the amount of kids she has……and it might seem that she was being picked on hence the bad additude from just feeling frustrated.
    But you’d think if someone lost there kids to CPS they would jump through as many hoops for as long as she was asked EVEN if the demands to her seemed ridiculous. It does not make sence that she would NOT do what they wanted just to get back at the system. What about the kids.

    As far as no shoes…….I would think that if you got evicted that each child would have left the house with a backpack of clothes and shoes. Maybe a few toys ect.?

    Children are a blessing from GOD but it seems as though SHE is the one NOT treating them as such!

    I believe a family no matter the the size should recieve help if need be.
    But not sure they should keep having kids if they are on the system.

    We have 6 kiddos and one on the way (Due June 14 2012) and if my hubby lost his job I would think we should be intideld get help from the system the same as anyone else. Our goal is not to have the system pay for our children though. We have be so blessed by GOD we have always made things work on our own!
    But in todays economy one could be making $60-100 thousand a year to raise thier large family and then have no job and need some help. I think folks should live a true life though……spend only what you have……no credit cards. That can really take you down!

    But there are some folks out there that think that they are the victim ALL the time……with give, me give, me give me attidutes.

    Peace and Blessings,

  • Katie

    First off I don’t believe this is telling the whole story.  When they said they were throwing as many bogus accusations against her as possible, I totally believed that one.  I know how these people work, and there is no one and nothing to stop them if they dislike someone.  Why was the boyfriend in prison?  Did he actually commit a crime or was it some other bogus charge sent by CPS?  If she believes they owe her money that he would’ve provided, then that’s probably why.  Plus they have no right to know whether she is pregnant or not.  That’s none of their business and it wouldn’t prove anything either way.  Why should she have to see a psychiatrist??  That’s ridiculous!  MOST people who see one will be told there is SOMETHING wrong with them and that’s just going to be more bs for her to deal with.  They just shouldn’t have the right to require that.  Many psychiatrists would automatically say she is crazy just for her family size, which I’m sure she knows.  Not helping, and not warranted.  However, in this case YES the mother and fathers did a lot to bring this on themselves.  God never sanctioned “shacking up” with 3 different guys no matter if you have kids or not.  He never endorsed profaning social workers or anyone else.  And if I had that many kids who needed food, I would darn well be offa my butt making sure I was working 3 or 4 jobs if need be just to make sure they got it.  The state would be the last and I mean the LAST resort.  I believe God provides, but He provides us with WORK and if we blow our money, we can’t expect he will provide more.

    • Tyliter

      Oh!  And just so you know, the rest of the story includes the sheriff being called to her home after her 9 year old brought a knife to school and was expelled.  Would you want your kids in a school with her kids?  Do you think this woman is a good mom if her 9 year old is bringing a weapon to his 2nd grade class?  She was given a 6 bedroom house to live in and $$$ for food and the dumb B**** couldn’t even say thanks.  Then, when the judge gave her another chance to show some gratitude she said, “No comment.”  God wants us to be charitable and give to those less fortunate, tell me where it states that the less fortunate includes a woman with too many kids whose fiance is in jail for a cocaine conviction and EXPECTS all the hard working people to pay for her choices?  Seriously, why do YOU think we owe this woman ANYTHING???  This woman is RIDICULOUS, but people who make excuses for her are even worse.   

  • T. Gates

    Wow, a lot can be said about this story!  While there is certainly nothing wrong with having 15 children, there is a lot wrong with how she has gone about it!  Chances are if she had been in a marital relationship with one man as God intended, she wouldn’t be in the situation that she’s in.  She has to love her children; only the very sick and evil out there do not.  I noticed that in all of her comments there were none made about how she had done everything she could to provide for her family and the system still failed her; it was just all the system’s fault that they were in the situation they are in.  She’s no different than anyone else out there with one or two children blaming their circumstances on the system and sitting back and doing nothing about it themselves.  I’m all for people getting help when they need it; I’m not for people looking for handouts!  However, as upset as people like this make me, I have to realize that as a Christian, God has called me to help “widows and orphans”.  While she is not a widow, her children are now practically orphans.  If we Christians would step up and do what we’re commanded, there would be no need for a “system”.  And, while we may feel that people like this don’t deserve help, we must remember that WE don’t deserve heaven, either!  Casting Crowns has a great song on their new CD “Come to the Well”.  The song is titled “Jesus, Friend of Sinners.”  Some of the lyrics state “Jesus, friend of sinners, open our eyes to the world at the end of our pointing fingers”, “break our hearts for what breaks Yours”, and “nobody knows what we’re for only what we’re against when we judge the wounded”.  Think about it, everyone; I am! 

    • Cindy

      In this economy, many Christians are barely getting by themselves!!!!!!!!!!

      • T. Gates

        But God commands us to help others.  Not saying the system should; I’m saying Christians should.

        • T. Gates

          I’m also saying that if we as Christians would try to reach people like this for Christ, then their attitudes would change.

  • Angela Beltran

    I don’t understand why some people feel the world owes them something, or in this case everything. This scares me.  Scared So Scared. Just think what her children are learning from her. Hard time are not for hand outs, rather hand ups.

  • Katie

    It also sets a really bad example of large families for a society who already hates them to see.  But realistically there are many of us and we are for the most part taking care of our own, and the world still hates us.

  • Jennifer Franklin

    Has anyone asked if this woman can read?  If I was unable to read and I was sent mail every 3 months to continue food stamps and rental assistance… what kind of trouble would I be in if I couldn’t even read the eviction notice? If I was given an action plan in writing to get my kids back, but couldn’t read it, how would I even be able to visit them if I didn’t know the rules? She seems calm after things are explained to her, but then flares up and gets angry. Either she is unstable or cannot read.

    • Katie

      It is very confusing to me why social services would take her children away because they were poor.  I don’t believe the government has the right to snatch away the children of poor people.  I still can’t shake the feeling something is missing from her side of the story.  It kept cutting her off when she was talking so maybe she explained it and they just didn’t show it.  She isn’t abusing or trying to neglect her kids, she just can’t afford them.  The state pays for children in foster care so it makes no sense why they’d need to take them away.  Maybe you have the right answer. 

      • Disturbed by Your Reply

        Are you serious?  They weren’t taken away because they were poor.  They were taken away cause they were homeless.  The government has the right to take those kids away as long as they are the ones paying for their well being.  The simple fact that she can’t pay for them means their needs are being neglected!  If she can’t afford them SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE THEM!!!  The only thing missing from her side of the story is her reasoning for not taking birth control!!!        

  • Disgusted

    I am flabbergasted that she expects the state to take care of her children. Children are a gift from God but they are not the taxpayer’s resonsibility to support them. Social services even tried to assist her. I ferl bad for her children. She doen’t deserve to have them!

  • Anonymous

    It is not surprising that she believes the state is the answer.  There have been forty years of welfare mentality to help her along.  Along with forty years of accepting sex outsid ways e of marriage.  I am not sure people would have a problem with the number of children if they came in wedlock and the husband was working and they were trying to make it.  I don’t care for social services but did a church step in to help or any believers?  Has she any Christian counsel to help guide her life?  Children are a blessing but God did not mean for us to sin for grace to abound.  She seems to have a very warped mentality about children and blessings.  It would be good to pray for Christ to draw her to Himself and each of the children. It is always easy to love those who are loveable and it makes it so much easier to help them but of course I pray there is a believer who may fulfill God’s call in this situation.

    • Tyliter

      Thank you!  People DON’T have a problem with women who have 15 kids as long as they can provide for them.  The issue here is that this women keeps getting pregnant when she knows she can’t take care of them without help from the state AND she is so D*** ungrateful it’s insulting!  If you can’t even say “Thank You”  you don’t deserve help!    

  • Susan Adams

    I am sad to say that I have heard this attitude a lot! Many people these days think they are owed everything they want. While I agree with her that children are a blessing. She would not be having these problems if she had not made the choice to disobey God’s outline for a family (meaning 1 man and 1 woman are married with their children). Where my husband and I currently live, we are surrounded by people very similar to this. It is sad to see these boys not only growing up with out a father figure, but actually thinking that, that is the way it is suppose to be. My husband works as a corrections officer for the juvenile detention center, and many of the childrenhe works with are fathers. This is the day and age we live in. Peopl do what they please ad expect to get their way and someone else to pay for it. I can only pray that she can have a change of heart or that those children end up in loving Christian homes!

    • Tyliter

      Amen to that!  I have no problem helping someone that is “trying” to help themselves, but this chick is NOT one of those people.  

  • Tyliter

    We need to stop paying for people to survive.  It is hard enough taking care of ourselves and our own families.  If we stop providing for stupid, ungrateful people like Angel Adams maybe people will stop having kids they can’t take care of.  It’s that simple.  And if they don’t learn at least it isn’t our problem anymore.  Those kids should be taken away from that women and placed in homes with families that want to provide for them.  There is no reason why that chick can’t take birth control, it’s FREE!!!  I DO NOT want my taxes paying for people like that ESPECIALLY if they don’t appreciate it. 

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  • laurel jade

    The men who keep knocking her up need to be held accountable as well and “Angel” needs to be sterilized-NOW! Who’s to say she’s not going to bring more helpless children into the world. She reminds me of that whiny brat Alexandra from the Dr. Phail show.  The fact that this nut is from Florida doesn’t surprise me.

  • Calla

    I don’t see a big difference from seeking aid from the state and seeking aid from your fellow Christians because you want to support a large family without the commensurate work to earn the paycheck you need to provide for them.  Either way, you’re taking from others, and potentially taking away from people who TRULY need charity, due to your own poor decision making.

  • Bnteasley

    What I would ask is, does she really believe that her children are a gift from God, or is she using that as an excuse because of the large family emergence since the Duggars have been in the public eye? If she really does think as she said, then #1, she would be a Christian of course, and she would show a repentant attitude for her sin, and then she would do whatever is in her power to help her situation, and also seek the help of the Body of Christ. I do agree that we don’t know the whole side of the story, on either side. It seems like DFCS and other organizations have helped her abundantly, but it is not enough for her. If she cannot be thankful and humbled by the little bit of help that people CAN give in this day of economic hardships, and if she refuses to cooperate with those who would help, then honestly, I do not feel as if she deserves the help. Perhaps foster care is what is best for the children at the present time until she can get her ducks in a row and learn a bit about humility and the value of not blaming everyone else for the consequences of her own actions and choices. If there are three fathers, then there are three men who should be paying to support their children. Two if one is in jail. I do not blame her family for not wanting to help, it seems as this has been a lifelong attitude. She needs good, Christian rehabilitation in a women’s home. She needs to get a grip.

  • Tfehler

    Where is Daddy? She has poor social skills, is obviously completely depleted in her ability to cope. The system is expecting a lot of a woman obviously in fight or flight, and they need to quit looking at her and find the daddies and hold them accountable. Those poor
    , beautiful children.

  • The Wilkinsons

    This is an awful mess, no
    doubt! but I do not want to beat a dead horse and say what she should or
    shouldn’t have done. Rather it is interesting to me that people in the
    so called “christian community” expect her to have “done something” to
    prevent these children. There is nothing or little said about a woman
    who shouts and demands the state pay for her to have 15 abortions! But
    you can not see the aborted babies sitting around a hotel room, rather
    they are forgotten one at a time. And we as tax payers pay for every one
    of those state sponsored murders. Don’t get me wrong, I am still
    shocked by this woman and her demands….

  • Angela Sabbe

    Those children are a gift from God, but unfortunately born to  an unfit mother.  God bless them. 

  • Donna

    All children are a blessing, but not all are born to parents who are prepared to cherish and raise them as they deserve.  If you choose to get pregnant and keep all your children, then you owe them a safe environment and the basic needs being met.  It is not society’s job to provide for your children when you have made no effort to provide for them yourself.  If you are making every effort, but still need some support at least be grateful and humble.

  • Maddog

    This woman angel Adams is a leech to society. I’m sick of people Procreating and paying for their children whom they never should have had! Take those kids from her & remove her uterus! What a piece of Obama loving shit!