Angel’s Problem Is Not Her Children

Angel Yulee Adams Children

Yesterday we posted a poll asking, “What was most shocking about the Angel Yulee Adams story?” By this morning, 134 responded. Check out the results:

We believe this story is shocking because it is such a bold display of the degradation of society, so we side with 29% of you. It’s so raw, such a waste of resources, so lifeless. Really, would paying for “all these children” do anything to help Angel or her children?

Besides three fathers, notice what is absent in her home — and the social services, for that matter. Faith in God is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps this is how the news wanted to edit it; perhaps Angel has some semblance of faith. Her life doesn’t show any attempt to model good and proper behavior. The status quo for Angel (how ironic of a name) and her children is welfare and its crumbling system.

This is an interesting case study, not too different from the Octomom story from a couple years ago. The media tried to put blame on the number of children in the home. Just look at the picture above. How can your heart not break for these children? It is hard to blame the judge or social workers for thinking, “Good grief, woman, stop having children!”

But the truth of this story is that the number of children has little to do with it. Most of you weren’t fooled into thinking so. Angel Yulee Adam’s problems are the same as millions of others regardless of how many children are birthed. To name a few:

  • marital infidelity
  • sexual promiscuity
  • financial irresponsibility
  • entitlement mentality
  • faithlessness

It appears the only similarity Angel has with families of many children is just many children. In our lives (and I hope yours too), the family unit is empowered by the love in our home. Most large families are intact marriages, they respect sexual purity, they are financially responsible, they expect no handouts and rely on God for their “daily bread.”

My, how I wish she knew Love in the House. And I wish social work tried harder to restore a sense of purpose in Angel’s life. True, the bold declaration that “someone” should pay for all these children is shocking. But Angel and her children are trapped in a system in which such an attitude is encouraged.

About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • KelliSue

    I wouldn’t feel any better about her situation, if it were but two children, living under those circumstances.

    • Chris Jeub

      VERY good point, Kelli Sue. Whether 2 or 20, the situation is awful.

  • ninabi

    My husband’s aunt is a retired social worker- clients like this are difficult to work with.  Some of the news clips give the impression that relatives were quite disgusted with this woman’s behavior as well.  
    No child deserves the chaotic, impoverished life this woman is foisting upon her own children.   I don’t think the number of children is “bad” but the number of children makes everyone’s job harder.  Kudos to the social workers who found a foster home where all 12 could be kept together.

    Is this an issue of morality? Self control? Mental illness? A culture of poverty?  

    My biggest concern is that if those children are not raised appropriately, they will grow up to be a burden on society if they repeat their mother’s behaviors.  Is it too late? 

    There are large families, like yours, that are structured and full of love.   And then there is this woman’s family, where it appears life just seems to happen to her- no control whatsoever on her part, no ability to plan ahead for the future.   She’s adrift and her family is a ship without a captain.

  • allison henson

    I am so glad you have addressed this lady and this issue. My life was much like this as a child and there was only 2 of us kids. We also endured physical and other types of abuse. 

  • T. Gates

    Well written.  I completly agree with you!

  • Calla

    Well, if you wish she had a copy of LOVE IN THE HOUSE, why don’t you send her one? That seems like a simple step you could take to help her and her children. Societal degradation isn’t going to fix itself!

  • Megan Arnold

    I’m in agreement with Calla. I work in a Christian pregnancy resource center. These places are full of women like Angel. The hope of Christ is the answer. That would be a great place for you to send your books as a resource so that they could reach these women:)

    • Chris Jeub

      That’s a great idea. Can you send your contact info on our contact page?

  • Gar

    I do think the whole situation would be easier if she had 2 kids, instead of 15.

    • Chris Jeub

      You’re right, if she had two kids Angel could continue unnoticed with such a entitled attitude, but she’s being noticed. It’s easier, yes, easier for us to overlook the fundamental problem. 

  • Nicole Gilley

    Who are you to judge? You stand plagued with self righteousness, all the while forgetting that she is  (like you) is a child of God trying to make it through. Like Jesus say, “See the beam in your own eye, before you see the spec in your brothers”  Rather than you stand up and look down so arrogantly on others, while you judge and pretend to be the God you so publicly worship. Try praying for her, and thinking that there but by the grace of God go you. 

    • Chris Jeub

      Actually, Wendy and I voted against society’s values (read the article), not against Angel personally, though her situation is pretty shocking and won’t get my shorts all tied up if people do (again, read the article).

      I’m curious, Nicole, which of the five did you vote for?

  • Sandy R.

    Angel needs someone to connect her Bible precepts.  It would be a tremendous blessing to her and to the children!  She would find a Teacher, Friend, and Advocate in the Lord Jesus Christ.  If she could turn from her ways, and look to the Lord, she could influence her children to strive for noble ideals, who in turn, could influence others they meet during their life journey.  Christ saw potential in Mary Magdalene.  He knew EVERY rock that caused her to stumble and fall.  He saw the invisible dark forces that worked for her destruction.  He saw how He could lift her up!  Can you picture Christ lifting Angel up, fixing her up, binding her up?  Can you see her trying her best to lead her children to Christ? Can you hear the testimony that could come years later from her children of how the Christian community, by the thousands, prayed for their salvation? 

    This case is really bad, but do we not have a Great Advocate ?

    I was shocked, initially, by her demand for public assistance.  Only after thinking about it from 1 Corinthians 13 standard, did I see differently.  

    Let the smooth stone fall, ever so discreetly, from our hands…

  • Mclarck

    Wasn’t your wife sexually promiscuous?  Didn’t she have 2 children out of wedlock?

  • Treason

    How many father’s do your wife’s children have? How many of those fathers are gainfully employed? How many are taking their responsibilities seriously by providing for the children they created, without relying on ANYONE else to provide food, clothes or anything else? 

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for posting the news articles. This mother has been helped time and time again. It’s time she stop using people. Her children deserve better.

  • Taryn

    I have a ” mixed” granddaughter. My daughter is a single mother(21). She still lives at home-PTL. My question is-where are the “black” churches?

  • Delilah

    Chris, let me start out by saying that Im usually ur biggest defender. However this article does seem a bit hipocritical (sp?). Mainly, ur assumption of marital infidelity and promiscuity. 2/3 of her children (10) have the same father, thats (at least) a 10 yr relationship. That certainly doesnt sound very promiscuous to me. Judging her for past behavior would be like me calling Wendy promiscuous (which, btw, is just a nice way of calling someone a sl*t. Dont pretend it isnt.). Is Wendy? Certainly not! Angel seems like a very lost woman who has made some VERY poor choices. But who hasnt? The Bible calls us to care for widows and orphans, not shame them because we dnt.agree with their life choices. @Taryn- what do “black” churches have to do w/ ne thing? Should we only help ppl of the same race? P.S. Thanx for having the courage of conviction to allow healthy debate. I certainly hope I ddnt offend u, Im 1 of ur biggest fans! 8)

    • Chris Jeub

      Eeeee, errrrr, aaaah…ok, you make fair points.

    • Taryn

      Acts 17:26 KJ says we are one blood,one race so I don’t believe in evolution/races. I once heard the actress Vanessa Williams comment on a movie about a white family helping a young “black” man and she was not happy about it.  As Voddie Baucham says it is foolish to say we don’t see color(p. 197,What He Must Be…). I have a childhood friend who is a lawyer who specializes in adoptions of black children with new black parents.  I think all the churches should be helping these children and mothers in these situations, instead of the government.

  • Roddma

     If she should stop maybe the Duggars et al should too.It works two ways. There are many situations like hers where the all have the same parent. You are forgetting one important verse “JUDGE NOT”

  • MerryHappy79

    Who are you to judge this woman for financial irresponsibility when you refuse to get a job like the rest of us?

    No. Just no.