Merry Christmas from the Jeubs 2011!

Merry Christmas 2012

“The Jeub Times”
Christmas Edition December 2011

Written by Cynthia Jeub

In a stunning turn of events, the Jeub family found themselves at the end of 2011 with the realization that they had managed to break all their previous records for number of exciting things taking place in a less-than-365-day period. There was plenty of action this year, from near-death experiences to multiple trips across the country, and through it all, our house has grown to be a place filled with fun conversation.

This year was full of activity from day one. In early January, we moved our office home after renting a local office for the prior five years. A few days later, Lydia and I went to two speech and debate tournaments on subsequent weekends, one in California and the other in Utah. We won all six of our preliminary rounds at one tournament, making it to the final round of team debate. Also in January, dad and mom were working hard on their latest book, Love Another Child, released this spring.

In April, during a speech and debate tournament, the sixteenth child in the family was born: Elijah Luke (weighing 8 lbs 12 oz). The age difference between Zechariah and Elijah is 26 months, the largest gap there has been between two of the kids since I was born. Nonetheless, Elijah fits right in with the toddlers, and he can already crawl. The other small children have their own little group of adventurers and philosophers—sometimes the older kids will stop talking to listen to the conversations Josiah, 7, leads with the twins, Havilah and Joshua, 6, and Priscilla, 4. These four play together often and are good friends.

June brought part of our family to Southern California for the Stoa national championship tournament. Training Minds hosted a camp to prepare for this competition, and Lydia and I were competing in debate together, and speech. Micah and Noah, now 14 and 13, qualified in duo, and I made it to the semi-final round in impromptu speaking and was in outrounds in extemporaneous and Apologetics, but Lydia far outshined us all by taking the first-place trophy with her expository speech on hunting. As national champion, Lydia intends to keep stretching her abilities in speech by trying new events in her two remaining years of competition.

June had hardly begun when Lydia secured her victory in speech, and the week after Nationals we were in northern Minnesota for a family reunion at the beautiful Birch Haven Resort. This lasted a week, and then Lydia and Isaiah joined me in volunteering at the Wings Like Eagles horse vaulting camp. WLE helps underpriveleged or special needs children to gain self-confidence by learning to do tricks on well-trained horses. It’s been encouraging to see these kids start out unable to imagine themselves standing atop a walking horse with a smile on their faces, but they manage to do it by the end of the week we spend working on it.

Oh, and at the end of June, I graduated from high school. I turned nineteen in July and have a semester of college at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs behind me, where I’m studying Journalism. Only a few days ago, I learned that I qualify for receiving free Damon braces through Theroux Orthodontics in Denver, and will be getting braces early next year. In July, Alissa graduated from a two-year program of studying restaurant management. At 25, she still lives in Melbourne, Australia, though she was in the States this summer for the June reunion and my graduation.

Near the beginning of August, we once again hosted our Training Minds debate camp in Estes Park, Colorado. Our keynote speaker was Ken Davis, who is a Christian comedian. Just in December, dad picked up the job of working for Ken, scheduling speaking opportunities for him. Dad loves this new work, and is doing a good job balancing the scheduling with still running his publishing business and ministry. At the end of August, we were all scared by Micah’s hand injury: Micah, 14, was sawing some boards and his table saw was winding down when his hand was caught by the still-turning blade. Mom and dad rushed him to the hospital, and after several appointments involving stitches, casts, and an x-ray that revealed a chipped bone. Micah now has a great scar on his left hand after having plastic surgery to repair one tendon in his finger. His tendon will grow back at a rate of 1 inch per month. Micah is expected to make a complete recovery very soon.

Only thirty days had passed after Micah cut his hand when we were at the hospital again, this time with dad. We thought that he had strep throat for a few days, then woke up with chest pain one morning. Worried that he might have had a heart attack, mom brought him to the hospital. It turned out that while it was not a heart attack, a virus had affected his heart, causing the pain and confusion. He was put on a medication and told that recovery would take six months, but only a few weeks later, the doctors could not find any weakness left when they conducted further heart scans. Praise the Lord for complete healing!

In October, Lydia, 17, Isaiah, 15, and Micah, 14, went hunting, where Micah shot his first elk. They went with our friends the Ericksons and Stauffers, and there is plenty of meat in the freezer again. November began with the Junior Speech Tournament, and Tabitha, 11, Keilah, 10, and Hannah, 9, won awards with their speeches. Tabitha won first place with her dramatic speech from Catherine Marshall’s novel Christy. At the end of November, we all packed up and went to Minnesota again to spend Thanksgiving with the family, and Lydia and I went to a retreat.

Overall, this year has been one filled with activity, but telling you about the events that took place is only a general way to tell you how life is. Each day is filled with activity, and we are so very blessed with the people around us. There are new opportunities ahead for every one of us, and we’re excited to find out what God has in store for our family in the future. The message we continue to be compelled to share is that every family can love another child, and it’s vitally important that there is love in every house.

The Jeub family wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2012!

  • Sheila

    Happy Christmas Jeub family!
    May God bless you all.
    Thanks for all the encouragement that you give to people through your website. I love to see what others think about the posts and join in the conversations. You and other families such as th Duggars and Bates are such wonderful examples of loving, Godly families. Yes you still have to face problems along the way but it is the response to life’s challenges that is so inspiring.
     As a family we are facing difficulties with my husband having been made redundant last month but we are trusting that God will provide for us as He always has in the past.
                               Enjoy the holiday season and have a peaceful new year.

  • Jennifer Mull

    An amazing year for the Jeub’s! I remember when each of these events took place, and cringed again reading about Micah’s injury again… yikes! And so glad that Chris’ illness resolved and he is healthy again… and of course, I remember being on pins and needles waiting to hear when Elijah was born after we first heard that Wendy was in labor! I haven’t met any of you, but I feel like I know you all. LOL! Merry Christmas, Jeub’s! Praying for a happy, healthy, and SAFE New Year! 😉

  • jenny

    Merry Christmas to you all!   I can’t believe how big the baby is already!   And Wendi looks so pretty too!

  • Elizabeth

    Do I see some kittens in your family photo? How many do you have? to me kittens and kids go together, can’t have one without the other. My kitties and I wish you and your kitties a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.

  • Holly IN

    Merry Christmas Jeub clan!  It is nice to get a big wrap up of your family.  Sorry for the ups and downs…Glad Chris is doing well. 

  • Rcputters

    No talk of the oldest or your two grandchildren  in the Christmas letter – Did they get left out on accident?

  • Ripples72801

    I was hoping to hear about Alicia and Isaac :-(

  • Holly IN

    Cynthia wrote the Christmas letter.  I am sure it was an oversight. 


  • Annie

    How are Alicia and Isaac?

  • Dtjenson

    Wonderfully written letter! 
    Merry Christmas Jeub family!
    The Jensons

  • Carol

    Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas to you all!

  • Colleen Murphy-Cooney

    Thank you for the letter, I truely enjoyed reading it and also enjoyed visiting with Wendy when she was home this past summer.  I am so happy for your family. 

    Merry Christmas to all of you and may the New Year be abllessed one for all of you.

    Colleen Murphy-Cooney

  • Aunt Bonnie Larson

    Thank you for the awesome Christmas greetings.  Your family is truly and completely amazing to me.  Both of us thoroughly enjoyed our visit with you at Grandma and Grandpa Jeub’s home.  It was a true honor to trim hair for many of my nieces and nephews!  Someday, I hope the two of us can spend a couple days with all of you.  Even after a short visit, I leave speechless because of the love and excitement that abounds.

    • Chris Jeub

      Thank you, Bonnie! We agree, the visit was way too short last time around. We’ll be back in MN before too long. We’ll have to schedule a longer visit!