What We Like to Talk About

“Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so is he.” -Publilius Syrus

We’re talking about what we want to talk about more. This word graph (complements of wordle.net) was automatically generated based on key words in our website. We want to see the following words bigger next year:

  • Love. Chris is working on a collection of writings solely on the topic of love. Look for hints of this on the website throughout 2012.
  • Family. We’re surprised that isn’t bigger on the schematic, but we’ll try harder.
  • Life. There is never a boring moment around here, and we want to make that clear.
  • Jesus. We’ve had a profound rebirth in our home, feeling closer to Jesus than ever before. We’ll be writing more about Him in the future?
Have you been a reader of this blog for long? We’d like to hear from you. What would you like to hear us talk about more in the future?


About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • http://thepassionatehomeschooler.blogspot.com/ Pam

    Moments. Small but awesome moments in words or a picture showing what a large, Jesus loving family looks like. Most people will never experience it. It is a rare and wonderful honor and it is a too brief season. So share it humbly and keep giving God glory! Always.

  • Mylea

    Yes! I can’t wait for when you write the posts on Love! 
    How about more moments of telling about the children’s interests.

  • T. Gates

    I would like to know more about how you manage running your house, school, cooking, cleaning, etc., especially in the years when your older children were little and you didn’t have bigger ones to help out!

  • Guest

    I am very curious about hunting and how you include your children in it. I would love more posts on it if possible, especially from an adult and a child point of view.

  • Anonymous

    Probably more about daily life.  I mean there was one time you (Chris) took all the older children to a debate thing ?? and Wendy was at home with the 7 ?? youngest.  I’d be really interested to hear things like how she managed, tips/tricks, when her husband AND older kids are gone.  More about homeschooling.  How do you homeschool?  How do you break up the lessons for all the different ages and how do you still give the little ones all they need as you teach the younger ones?  We are most likely moving to the D.C area this summer and two of my school age kids have been asked to be homeschooled.  I have no idea how to handle a 7th grader and a 4th grader PLUS the two year old.  Also we have never homeschooled so I am a complete newb on the subject.  

  • http://www.freedomama.blogspot.com/ goodbean

    I stumbled on your blog about two weeks ago, and have now already read your most recent book.  I love what you are sharing here, and I especially appreciate your humble, yet unapologetic stance on the issues you present. 

    As homeschooling parents of seven young children we can identify with the “slow cooking” process that you have undergone.  We didn’t expect to take this road, but here we are, feeling so wealthy, so happy, so busting with love between these walls, that we just want to share this “secret” to joy with others.  I love to read about families that are ahead of us on this journey… you have quite a ministry!

    Yes, share about Jesus and how he impacts daily life at home.  Share your processes.  The details are often interesting and so helpful.  Don’t assume that because something is obvious around your home that it would be obvious to others 😉

    Thank you!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/ebrammer Evan Brammer

    Hey Chris,  my wife Jess and I (four kids under five) have read your blog for several years now.  We own all the non-debate materials you’ve produced and pray for you all regularly.  Currently we are missionaries in the Czech Republic (previously in Indonesia).

    As we allow the Lord’s hand to directly guide our reproduction we have hearts prepared for a full house. Though four or five or three or any number is perfectly fine for us.  We let Him make that decision.

    One topic that we’d like to read more on is specifically your methods of discipline.  I imagine your approach has evolved over the last several decades in parenting.  We’d enjoy learning about them.

  • Kate

    I would like to hear more about home births. Maybe Pam could do a guest post!
    When I tell people I would like to have a home birth, they look at me like I am crazy. It would be nice to have a few points to back up my decision.  Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=799259836 Amy Woolley Pederson

    There are so many things that I enjoy about your blog, your website, your facebook postings, etc.  One thing in particular is your openness about your life, your beliefs, your values, your convictions.  I’ve read the comments, both encouraging and otherwise, and it takes a strong grounding and faith in God to shoulder all of that with such grace.  

    Many of us large families live in the shadows so to speak and you put yourselves on the chopping block, often times absorbing the hit for the rest of us.  To that I say, “Thank you!”  Thank you for fielding the comments, for responding to the naysayers, for being such a beautiful example of what life in Christ is all about.  I can appreciate the commitment it takes to keep a ministry like this going, on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  Thank you for waking up in the morning and posting, for thinking about your next posts as you spend precious minutes of the day together.  Your family is doing precious work for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I say keep it coming!  Whatever you post, I will read.  

    • http://www.jeubfamily.com Chris Jeub

      Thanks Amy! We appreciate you, too.