Life, the Universe and Everything

Today is my 42nd birthday. Forty-two is “the answer to life, the universe and everything,” for all you Hitchhiker’s Guide fans.

One of my favorite blogs is Michael Hyatt’s. He posted this video this morning about a 108 year old concentration camp survivor who lives alone (with no assistance) in England and still plays piano three times a day. You need to watch it. You will be impressed.

I hope I live with the same joy as Alice Herz Sommer. There are secrets to life in her testimony.

About Chris Jeub

Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • http://profiles.google.com/anij34 Jolene O’Dell

    My husband wonders if you know where your towel is….since you should never go anywhere without it.  =-)

  • Sarah

    Absolutely amazing!  I am inspired!

  • Homeissweet

    Thank you so much for sharing this. How beautiful!

  • Sheila(UK)

    Happy Birthday Chris!
    This is an amazing video clip of an inspiring lady.
    She is right to say that we learn from the bad things that happen to us and they can even benefit us. God uses these things to shape us. We need to be thankful in all things as were Job and Joseph (to name just two men from the Bible who did this).

    I shall certainly try to keep this in mind when I am tempted to complain!

  • Janetkiessling

    Amazing……..what a blessing!