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We have winners to Ken Davis’ Fully Alive movie tickets + DVDs! I’ll announce winners at the end of this short article. First, I want to explain why Wendy and I are so excited about this movie.

It’s a God thing, really. I’ve been having quite a few genuinely deep  encounters with some friends lately. Can you guess the thread of similarity?

  • Ken Davis: Fully Alive feature comedy film encourages its audience to live “fully alive in Christ.” I saw him live in St. Cloud, and he lit the place up!
  • Michael Hyatt: Creating a Personal Life Plan is his free download on his website, highlighting the significance of establishing a plan for life. I’ve been working with Michael on some of his upcoming projects…exciting stuff!
  • Mark Fey: 210 Project ministry launch has its goal to assist people to find their place in God’s story. I’ve had coffee with Mark not too long ago at the launch of his exciting venture. What an encourager Mark is!
  • Training Minds Ministry: I run a ministry with coaches who are convinced that we have some students queued up to make a tremendous impact with the leadership skills they are perfecting. I cannot express how proud I am of the kids who go through our program!

I believe God is moving in exciting directions, and these exciting connections underscore a most riveting truth. The convictions God is putting on all of these people and ministries aline perfectly with the convictions He is putting on Wendy and me. Seriously: our blog, our books, our speaking and our encouragement to you all can be summed up as:

God is calling you to live FULLY ALIVE!
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All the friends above are getting excited about exciting others. But it isn’t just big things that have significant impacts. The little things my family is doing is just as exciting. Examples:

  • My mom started blogging
  • Cynthia has become a local delegate and is getting involved in local politics
  • Lydia is her phy ed coach’s #1 assistant and she led a class by herself yesterday
  • Tabitha passed her hunter’s education course yesterday, ready to go hunting this fall

…I could go on. My point isn’t about how great our family life is. My point is about how great our family life is! Our family is blooming and expanding, impacts all around us. Exciting and alive!

And Wendy and I want the same life for you! Honestly, this is what this blog is about. We want you to get excited about your life. Your family is your calling. You should wake up everyday with vibrance, pumped up for the new challenges that await you. God is calling you to a thrilling family life!

So go see the movie, and bring along that friend you’re thinking of who could use a “shot in the arm” to living Fully Alive. Buying tickets online is easy at the Fully Alive Movie website. The following winners will receive passes for TWO plus a video of one of Ken’s older performances:

  • Lisa Eastman, TN
  • Angela Beltran, WI
  • Denise Boston, FL
  • Laurie Race, MN
  • Rebekah Holdeman, TX

Enjoy the movie, and God bless your adventure living Fully Alive!

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Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.