In the Hospital Again

Mother and daughter, Mary Ann and Wendy.

We’re checking into the hospital again today, another Jeub drama with medical care. Wendy is having a tumor removed from her esophagus. We would appreciate your prayers, and I thought you’d likewise appreciate the story. Here it is.

About a year ago Wendy began having difficulty swallowing. This wasn’t the first time this happened. Five years ago Wendy had her esophagus dilated, a fairly common procedure, and at the time they said she’s likely need it again “in about five years.” In January, right on schedule, Wendy went in for another dilation. As the doctor sent the catheter down her throat, he discovered a large cyst in the side wall of her upper esophagus. It was totally unrelated to first problem, and this cyst was bulging at 5 cm in diameter. This was no small obstruction.

I have brought Wendy in for several tests – a needle biopsy and a CAT scan – even a second opinion. Five doctors have been involved in the analysis. The growth is a tumor, but it is highly unlikely that it is a malignant cancer. “Unlikely” isn’t absolute, of course, which is a weak spot for fear and doubt to do its hideous work in our minds. But our hearts are at peace.

Today Wendy is admitted into the hospital. We’ve arranged for childcare and the next two days of activities. She may not be able to talk immediately after the operation, so I’ll be staying at the hospital with Wendy. Our network of dear friends are so supportive and kind. Wendy should be back home and recovering by tomorrow.

As you may know, this is the third major hospital visit since September. Micah’s fight with the table saw, my near-death experience with myocarditis, and now Wendy’s tumor in her esophagus. The administrators at Penrose are quite familiar with us by now.

Wendy and I will keep you posted on this blog and on Facebook. Thank you for your prayers!

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Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • Melissa

    I will be praying for you all.

    • Kristen Glasser

      Praying for Wendy!! Also praying for the family to be just fine until she gets home.

  • Darnell Garber

    So very much praying for your family. I, myself have had 5 surgeries in the past year with at least two more on the way. I also have a special needs child so I know how it is to get things ready for surgery. blessings to you all and hope the recovery is quick and easy!

  • Mjohnandsarah

    We are praying!  The McCully Family

  • Ninabi

    Oh no.  I am so very sorry to hear this and praying for a full recovery for Wendy.  Your family has gone through so much lately and I’m so sorry your wonderful wife has to go through this.

  • Susan

    Praying for you all … not an easy time … may God continue to surround you with His peace. 

  • Chris Jeub

    9:35 am. She’s off to the operating room. I’m in the waiting room with all sorts of great people waiting on their loved ones. Catholic hospitals are awesome.

  • Anna Mary

    Praying for Wendy and your entire family!  

  • Elizabeth

    I too hope for a good outcome. It’s in her favor that she doesn’t smoke or drink. Those are the big risk factors for a malignancy in the esophagus. Hope it’s just some sort of mucoid cyst.

  • Janetkiessling

    The Kiessling family are sending prayers up to the Heavens right NOW!!!!! Hugs to all!!!!

  • crissy

    wendy you are in our prayers

  • Chris Jeub

    Nearly 4:00. Wendy has been in her room for about an hour. She’s in and out of sleep from the anesthesia and pain killers. She’s drinking liquids fine but it hurts to breathe, and she feels the urge to cough.

    Wendy attempted to explain how it felt. “Have you ever had your tonsils out?”

    I said no.

    She returned, “Neither have I. But I bet this is how it feels.”

    • Chris Jeub

      Doctor reported that everything went fine. The tumor is out. No need for anything out of the ordinary. Thank you for those prayers!

  • Janetkiessling

    Praise the Lord………………been praying all afternoon………rest & heal, Wendy…Give her a hug, Chris..from the Kiessling family…:)

  • Jennifer Mull

    In 2009, in a 6 week period, my husband was in the hospital for a bowel obstruction, I went in for false labor for one evening, and in the meantime, my sister was also in the hospital fighting for her life. Just exactly one year before that, my second oldest son who was 16yo was in the hospital for large, golf ball sized tumor in his forehead (the top of his skull had to be removed to take it out in a 12hr surgery….) I had my fill of hospitals that year. To encourage you, though, after my husband lost his job at the end of 2009, and with that our insurance, the Lord kept us healthy this whole time. We’ve had a total of two dr.’s appointments in the 2 1/4 years since that time. I pray that you will also have a break from all these hospital trips. Blessings to you both!

  • Jennifer Mull

    Oops… forgot to mention that I also, in that 6 week period  was in the hospital to deliver our baby who had some difficulties and was in the NICU for 10 days…. that would’ve added to the drama of my story a bit, wouldn’t it? LOL!

  • Colleen Murphy-Cooney

    All my prayers are with your family.  Wendy take care of yourself.

  • Stephanie Neujhar

    Thank you for sharing Chris, your family has been through so much in the last year, but your faith in Christ stands strong and is a wonderful testimony to others.  Keeping Wendy and the rest your family in prayer.  God’s peace with all of you.