Speaking in Colorado Springs

I'll be speaking May 18. I hope you can join me!

I’m speaking next week in Colorado Springs, sharing the good news of Love in the House. If you can make it, I want you to go for reasons I’ll share with you. First, the details:

May 18
 Mountain Springs Woodmen Campus
LAMS, the Mountain Springs homeschool enrichment program, is hosting its 2nd annual homeschool mini-conference and book fair on Friday, May 18 from 8:00am-2:30pm. The keynote speaker will be Treon Goossen, Home Education Legislative Analyst/Liaison for Colorado. There will be morning and afternoon breakout sessions with multiple topics and speakers to choose from. The book fair will be open all day. It is a great opportunity to sell last year’s curriculum and get started buying for next year. The cost for the event is $15 for pre-registration, or $18 at the door. If you are interested in participating, please contact Kelly Rotenberry at 719.332.9267 or

I’m pretty excited about this speech. I can’t wait to share it with the good people at Mountain Springs Church. I’ll also be on a panel of Q & A homeschool moms over the lunch period. It’ll be fun!

Here’s my central theme: how to put more “Love in the House.” Chris and I wrote a book with that title, and part of my story will reveal the characteristics of loving homes: loving responses, loving choices, and loving actions.

You may be thinking: “I love my children.” I know you wouldn’t say otherwise. You want to keep them fed and clean and safe, you want to protect them from getting hurt and so on. You do love them. They are your sweet little bundles of joy.

But maybe your feelings sometimes do not measure up with your honest love for your children. Maybe you’re having a hard time separating truth from lies. Are you fed up and want to run away? I want to encourage you (and show you how) to shove those irritating lies out of the way and cling to the truth of love. Love is the Greatest Commandment, and it is the one thing that will overcome your frustrations. Ultimately, love will fill your house and heal your family.

See, I have a powerful story about the transformation of love in my life. I came from a difficult upbringing, but my journey with Jesus Christ has brought me a most wonderful life. By the end of my speech, my hope is that every person present will be empowered to put love in their homes. Of all the things in life that we should “get right,” love is the most important. Sometimes we just need to be shown how!

I hope to see you there!

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