3 Ways to Satisfy Your Curiosity

Our family is heavily involved in speech and debate. It is an exciting movement among Christian homeschool families, and as I explained yesterday (see What’s Going On in Colorado Springs), I’ve been blessed with the honor of running what has become the largest Christian homeschool speech and debate tournament in the 16 year history of the movement.

You might be thinking, “Good for the Jeubs…but not for me and my family.” I may not persuade you, I know, but please hear me out for a moment. Those who get involved tend to fall in love with it and start centering their entire educational philosophy around it. You may have other plans for your family, and that’s okay. But if there is an inkling on interest in your mind about what makes this such an appealing activity for so many families, I have three ways for you to whet your curiosity.

Because, really, you cannot ignore the reality of this awesome tournament coming up. Nearly 600 competitors and their families are investing hundreds or thousands of dollars to travel all the way to Colorado Springs for a week of academic competition. That’s impressive! And this isn’t a governmentally funded make-the-kids-want-to-learn activity. If you have ever witnessed a group of homeschool speakers and debaters, you know they want to learn, and they’re some of the brightest kids you’ll ever meet. Watching 600 of them suited up and competing all over the Focus on the Family campus in June will give you hope for the next generation. And these kids will be lighting up the future!

So, how can you get a piece of this action? If you’re going to be in Colorado Springs for the National Invitational Tournament of Champions, you’ll see me with my hands in everything. I’m the Superintendent of the entire event, I report to a board of seven directors, I have six directors who report to me, they have coordinators and over 60 staff people who report to them, and 599 competitors will be with their attending families. They all will be part of the action June 4-9.

But what about you? I leave you three ways.

1. Follow the excitement!

Our family blog won’t be updating so much on our site. The entire Jeub family will be totally involved with participating in the tournament. Instead, follow the Stoa Facebook Page for up-to-date pictures, news, and even videos. All it takes is “liking” the page and you’ll be notified of the events of the next couple weeks. There are a ton of exciting things going on, and this is the best way to stay informed.

2. Sign up to judge

If you live near Colorado Springs, you have no excuse. You need to register to judge! If you’re 18 years old and a high school graduate, you are eligible. We have a Judge Orientation staff who will be giving 1/2-hour orientations throughout the tournament. We have the need to fill out over 2,800 ballots. To tell you the truth, we are running below our goals in judge numbers, so we REALLY want you to help us out!

There is no better way to dip your toe into this movement than judge a couple rounds. Bring your teenager with you, too, and they can watch alongside you as you judge. We have an entire hospitality staff with snacks and goodies for you to keep you well fed and accommodated during your work. And that’s not to mention the live entertainment! Remember, this is the national invitational – the BEST speakers in the nation! You will not be bored. Bring your spouse and friends, too!

3. Get involved next year

Look me in the eye. I’m dead serious here. You’re missing out if you are not involved. I’m telling it to you straight. If you have the chance to witness this group of kids and see the fellowship of these families, you’ll want to be involved. You’ll think the obvious: “My family can do this. They really can. And they’ll love it!”

This is where my book comes in. Jeub’s Guide to Homeschool Speech & Debate sells for $19.95 online. I want to send you a copy for only $1. FOR ONLY A BUCK! This book explains all the details that a blog post can’t. It may sound heavy and complicated, but it’s surprisingly a quick read. To get involved, there isn’t much to understand. Speech and debate is like any extracurricular activity. Once you understand the opportunities available, you and your family just go with it.

But unlike sports or other extracurriculars, speech and debate has something for every single one of your children. The events are diverse. It’s easy to do with your entire family. You’ll see what I mean when you get my book.

For $1! Visit this unadvertised link to the Monument Publishing website. You cannot get to it from the front page; you must have the exact link to access this deal. The book is marked down to $1 already, so no coupon code is necessary. Add anything else to the cart you like, and Monument Publishing will drop these in the mail for you right away.

If you weren’t involved this year, I bet you will be next year, and my book should make it all the more easy for you and your family.

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Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.