Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Camp

Our family is very much into speech and debate. We believe it’s the absolute best activity to be involved. This article first ran at www.trainingminds.org. If you have teenagers, consider coming to camp and jumping into this awesome activity. You will not regret it!

Students gather in a round table discussion. Be part of the action!

I hope you set lofty goals for next year. Be bold and expect much from yourself. But I also hope you set yourself up to reach those goals. The Training Minds Camp program has the proven record of preparing competitors for successful competition. The following are my top five reasons you should come to Colorado or Florida for either of our two major camps of the season.

1. Head Start

You may be taking a breather from a tough year. Nothing wrong with that. You’ve worked hard all year and you need some time off. But don’t let the time go idly by. Most debate resolutions and speech rules are available now. There is nothing stopping you from digging into the topics and learning something over the summer to give you a head start.

And if you’re new to the speech and debate community, camp is perfect for you. Our coaches have prepared novices for years. Approximately 1/3 of every camp are students brand new to speech and debate. Many of them have transformed into national champions. They grow to love it, and they excel in competition in their future.

2. Return on Investment

“It’s expensive” is our most common response from those who choose not to come. I’ll counter that in my next point, but for now, let’s consider the return on investment. Our five day camps in Colorado and Florida cost roughly $400 each. I’m convinced that we’ll turn that around, making the skills you learn a return on your initial investment.

Consider this fact: for the last three years, National Invitational Tournament of Champions title Lincoln-Douglas winners have been alumni. All three of these champions (Chase Harrington, Jon Bateman, and Matthew Erickson) are enjoying thousands of dollars worth of debate scholarships at leading colleges. Do you really think they’re begrudging the camp fees from years ago? No, they’re not. And they paid more back then than today, which is my next point…

3. Incredible Price

My reminder to those thinking it’s expensive: “It’s LESS THAN HALF the price of last year.” We found two superb facilities in Colorado and Florida, venues that have been extremely helpful in making camp affordable. We’re passing that cost onto you. What used to be over $1000 is now only $400. A five-day camp for that price is unheard of!

And we’re including all the teaching and food with it. We want camp to be a pleasurable experience, so we throw these things in during your stay. Training Minds Camps are slam-dunk deals that you should jump on right away.

That’s because as slots fill up, the price goes up. Colorado’s early-bird registration has already expired, but we’re offering $100 off with coupon code “Colorado2012” to the next 40 registrants. I’m sure those will be used up fast. Florida’s early-bird expires July 31, but with the great deal we’re offering we may fill up before then. As time rolls on and camp fills up, the price goes up, so get registered as soon as possible.

4. Credibility

Training Minds Camp has been around since 2001. The coaches who started it then are still involved, and we’ve marched our alumni through countless competitions that help set them up for real life in college and beyond. You don’t want to miss a piece of this action. I’m telling you, if you can make it happen, go to Training Minds Camp!

One of the distinguishing aspects of Training Minds Camps is our excellent coaching staff. We’ve got a healthy mix of older coaches, national champions, and keynote speakers. We’ve had Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg, Ken Davis in the past, and this year’s keynote is Dr. Jeff Myers. They add a lot to the already stocked roster of curriculum writers and tried-and-true coaches like Vance Trefethen, Travis Herche, and many more. You’ll be impressed. I’d argue this is the best team of coaches in the nation!

5. Beyond

Training Minds Ministry has an alternative motive to speech and debate training. We believe you are training for action in the world! The skills you’ll be learning in Colorado and Florida are second-to-none. If you’re properly trained like we train at camp, you’ll be a head above the rest.

Need some proof? As examples, take the three LD winners mentioned above. They’re enjoying straight-A status at Concordia, Liberty and soon-to-be CCU. Many of our best are in law school, in high-paying jobs and internships – they’re making things happen in their lives. Training Minds Ministry has gotten students involved in film projects and news media, bringing their platforms into new and exciting places. I could go on and on. My point is simple: The leadership skills learned at Training Minds Camp will certainly go with you into your future!

Therefore, sign up for camp in Colorado or Florida. If you are one that wants to make 2012-2013 the best competitive year it can possibly be, you will want to kick it off right. See you there!

Training Minds Camp: Colorado

July 24-28, Colorado Christian University
$499 — Use coupon code “Colorado2012” to receive $100 off
Registration closes June 30

Training Minds Camp: Florida

October 4-9, Yale Lake Resort, Orlando Florida
$399 + $50 for extra day of speech training
Early-bird registration closes July 31

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BZXHT7XDXDDSOBCWGPTUGYGV5Q Elizabeth

    Do only home schoolers attend your camps, or do students from public or private schools attend?

    • http://www.jeubfamily.com/ Chris Jeub

      We train students for all the leagues, but we are a Christian camp. The homeschool leagues are Christian, so we seem to attract more from the NCFCA, Stoa and CCofSE. We do, however, have a handful of NFL students registered for Colorado Camp.