The Waldo Canyon Fire

View from the front door of Focus on the Family, a most visited tourist area of Colorado Springs.

Please keep the firefighters and evacuees in your prayers. The Waldo Canyon Fire has taken a toll on the Colorado Springs area. I was at Focus on the Family for a debrief meeting from the national tournament, and I snapped this picture on the way out the door. If you’ve been to Focus (the 2nd most popular tourist attraction in the Springs), this should give you perspective. That’s Pikes Peak in the distant left of the main smoke.

This reminds me of 1997 when the Red River Valley flooded. Remember that news? The Grand Forks Herald caught on fire in the middle of a flooded downtown. It was a big deal, total devastation in the valley, a sea of flooding that rocked the community. We banded together and fought the devastation. Some say the devastation won, but it made us better people.

So, please keep them in your prayers. We are safely about 9 miles north of the fire, but anything can happen. The Hayman fire in 2002 burned 215 square miles of forest. We’re far from evacuation for now, but we’re prepared to leave if need be. The entire area smells of smoke and it is unpleasant for all, dangerous for some.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BZXHT7XDXDDSOBCWGPTUGYGV5Q Elizabeth

    Forest fires are so scary, and very unpredictable. I imagine kids and adults with asthma are having trouble from all the smoke. Praying for everyone in the area.

    My Dad was stationed in Colorado Springs in 1942-43. He said it was the only place outside the east coast where he could see himself living. He loved it there. He probably wouldn’t recognize the place today.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BZXHT7XDXDDSOBCWGPTUGYGV5Q Elizabeth

    Off topic, the couple on Wheel of Fortune right now are from Centennial, CO! The husband is Jeff, the wife Heidi.

  • Ninabi

    I remember the Hayman fire when we lived in Colorado Springs.  We still have friends and family in the state and the dry, hot conditions are worrisome and don’t bode well for the rest of the summer.  I’ve been making sure older relatives have their gas tanks full and important papers and treasures packed up and ready, just in case.   

    Your picture is worth a thousand words- I was trying to understand what the fire looked like from the north end of town, where we used to live.  Grim view.

  • Bea76

    We lost our house, our stuff, a car but my husband and I, four children, two dogs, and cat are safe.  None of us are o.k but we are all safe.  My God help us all.

    • http://www.jeubfamily.com/ Chris Jeub

      Bea! I’m so sorry! You’re one of the 346 homes. God bless you as you prepare to rebuild. Send us a note through our contact us page and let us know if we can help, even if it is just to chat a bit.