5-Day Time Lapse Video of Waldo Canyon Fire

Someone from Monument set up a camera on a tripod and filmed the Waldo Canyon Fire for five straight days. This 16-minute video put to music captures the intense growth of the fire throughout the week. The captions explain the development of the fire as relayed from the local news stations. This is an incredible video:

Monument this side of I-25 remains in pre-evacuation. We have our vehicles in position ready to roll if we get the word. There is a small fire just north of the Rampart Reservoir that has nothing but pure forest all the way to our neighborhood. “Fuel” is what these forest fire fighters call dark timber. They are keeping a close eye on that little speck of red, letting what has started burn out and spread no further. Last night they announced 25% containment.

Click the map for a current map of the evacuation zone.

No structures were lost yesterday. The worst is (hopefully) behind us. Much of the red area is burned already. If you compare it to yesterday’s photo, you’ll see that many of the “islands” in the middle are now just burning away. What is lost is lost, and if the fire lines hold and the weather continues to cooperate, this fire will burn out.

We are still on pins-n-needles, but the more time that we put between us and the horrifying Tuesday, the more confident we become that we will survive. We are getting word from many of our friends – Jessica, Bea, McNair and others – returning to their burned or intact homes. It’s a guessing game at the moment, and we appreciate your continued prayers for the fine people of Colorado.

Pictures capture this event. Incredible, horrifying, encouraging. Here are some of our favorite.

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    I watched this video yesterday, the 337th viewer. This morning: over 64,000 views. 

  • Blessedwithsevenkids

    Wow, I truly can not imagine the horror and gut wrenching sickness so many folks felt as their state burned.  We have prayed here in our house since the fire first broke out.  Praise the LORD that so many lives were spared.  Through this we pray that many are won to Christ.  Material things can be replaced but lives can not.  I am so glad Brother Chris that your family is safe and sound.  We are going to continue to pray as the long road to recovery begins for so many.  Bless you all and those fighting the fire head on.