45% Containment, but Focused on the 55%

Commander Rich Harvey of the Waldo Canyon Fire

The area of non-containment, the current focus of the firefighters. Click the image for the full news report.

“Even though we’re happy to report 45, we remain focused on the 55 and continue to try to move forward and put this thing to bed.”

Now that’s a quote worth meditating on. It was said by Commander Rich Harvey last night at a press briefing, explaining where the fire stands as of Saturday evening, June 30. He’s reporting good news, but remaining cautious. I suppose it is easy to get excited over the successes, but giddiness over successful battles isn’t what wins the war. At the beginning of the week, Harvey referenced the Waldo Canyon Fire as a “war,” and it is. And it isn’t over yet.

If you’re interested in exactly where we’re at fire-wise, check out this video; it accurately explains exactly where the fire is at right now, July 1, 2012. Harvey explains that the northern barrier of the fire is the part that is not contained. This, unfortunately for us, is the side of the fire that we face. The terrain is thick and steep, but the line must be held. There is nothing but miles of timber to its north.

But still, we’re rejoicing at three bits of great news. First, the fire’s perimeter has not grown. There are still burn areas in the middle that are burning up vegetation, but as the video explains, those are low priorities because those areas cannot spread.

Second, Monument has called off its pre-evacuation orders. Talk about a relief! We can only imagine what it is like for those on evacuation. Like everyone in the area, we will still be conscious of the weather and the fire’s development, but we’re now able to relax a bit and settle on some confidence that our family is safe.

Safe from the most damaging forest fire in Colorado’s history. I’m still in awe that no personnel injuries have occurred. We braced ourselves yesterday after the remains of two bodies were found. There were still about a dozen residents unaccounted for at the beginning of the day. Of 32,000 people evacuated when 357 homes were destroyed on Tuesday, only a dozen remained missing four days later? Amazing.

Ready for the greatest news? Third, all missing people are now accounted for. Two actually walked right in to the 8:00 AM news briefing, unaware that they were on the missing list! I can only imagine the joy of that discovery. Everyone feared the worst, but the best surprised them all.

Harvey, you’re a bigger man than I am, and I’m so glad you’re in charge. Because I can’t help myself from being extremely happy with this fantastic news. You and the rest of the firefighters are in our prayers!



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Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • nicole

    so what does all this mean for us who are not concerned and don’t understand…
    Are you still away from your house?
    has the fire reached close to your house or has your house been away from the fire?
    How do you do with many children and keep them happy?
    When you have to evacuate what are your priorities to gather after the children?
    I always wonder what I would do…
    The year that my mother had to evacuate and had 5 minutes (floods) she found out that in the rusch she had taken her credit card and tomatoes!!!!!
    I think I would jump on the family pictures and films… it is the only thing that cannot be replaced… photos…
    Thanks for keeping us informed. What a dreadful experience!

    • Wendyjeub

       Hi Nicole, It is a little confusing with all the fire lingo. WE ARE SAFE praise be to God. (Smile)
      I like your story of your mother running away and grabbing tomatoes. It is so true that we do grab things in our hast that may not have mattered.
      We did have a plan of action and we were ready. Ten years ago we were also on alert because of a wildfire and that was when we got a plan together.
      Everyone of us had 8 changes of clothes ready. I had all my important files and papers packed, we all had bathroom items, we had insurance policies, birth certificates and social security cards.
      The children also brought their school books.
      It is amazing how little you really need to take. We should all be ready for an emergency and know what we would grab on our way out.

      We kept the children happy by being calm and explaining to them what was happening and why. As long as the family was safe that was the top priority and really all that mattered.
      Blessings to you!

      • nicole

        hello, good to hear from you! You realy are organised!Bravo!
        I think it is important to think ahead of time just to think at the essentiel things and not tomatoes!!! You will understand that my mother loves to eat!!!! :-))))))))))) she also realised that having a garage door that opens with electricity and the gate of the garden , there is a big problem when there is a power cut and you havec to leave on your two feet and tomatoes in your hands!!!!!She wasn’t going to be able to go far like that!

        yes people being safe is the most important thing!
        God Bless you!

  • Janetkiessling

    We are praying for you & your family & all of Colorado!
    (((((HUGS)))))….:)….from the Kiessling family

  • Bea76

    We love Rich Harvey and Jerri Marr.  We have met both as we are in the “special” group of evacuees and they both are amazing people. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people working all different aspects of this fire.  We don’t have much to give but we spent 2 hrs tonight at 30th street cheering on those going to and from the fire.  It really was an amazing experience that I highly recommend.  There starts to be change out at 6:30 but the best time was around 8 when it seemed that the majority of crew was coming back to Holmes Middle School.