Pledge Drive for the Andersons

This news channel did a great job capturing the Andersons. I sure love these guys, and my prayer is that they raise their funds by far.

For a simply incredible recounting of the tragic Friday last week, read Pastor Brad Straight’s accounting here. He explains very well the miraculous details of Petra’s amazing recover, still in process.

Visit www.indiegogo.com/readytobelieve to get the full picture of what the Andersons are doing.

Chloe sent me the website early this morning. I took a screen shot of the donation amount at 6:40 am:

To see the current pledged amount, click the image.

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  • Ninabi

    I just read about more about her and we’ll be helping out with costs.  What a miracle that it was not worse.  Do you think getting her story shared around Facebook would help with fundraising?  I’ve seen the speed of donations with other sites like reddit and fark.