Paul Ryan for VP

Tony Huml said it well: “Surreal.” I can’t tell you how exciting this feels.

This is really weird. The next Vice President of the United States is pictured kiddy-corner from me in our 8th grade yearbook. Incredible. Tony Huml (pictured to the left of me, right above Paul Ryan) gave this great interview to a local station:

My family moved from Janesville to Alexandria, Minn., in 1984. Tony and I have been in touch these last couple years via Facebook, and Paul Hanus (also pictured kiddy-corner from Paul Ryan) has remained friends, was even in Wendy and my wedding in 1991. Hanus is one of 14 children whose family I speak fondly of in our book Love in the HouseTalk about a stroll down memory lane.

I remember Paul Ryan as an incredibly likable guy. As Tony said, “wonderful upbringing, tremendous family,” Paul Ryan was everyone’s friend in the class. We traveled to Washington D.C. together on a class trip, and I like to think it inspired the both of us toward strong political convictions. This was many years ago, so I can’t speak to the political views of all my classmates, but I can speak to mine. Paul Ryan and I see things eye-to-eye on pretty much every political issue.

What are your thoughts on this year’s election? Post below. Wendy and I would love to hear from you.

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Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

  • Sarah M.

    Chris – I didn’t know you were from Janesville!
    We just moved near there a year ago for my husband’s work.
    We knew nothing about P. Ryan before our move, but everyone around here is really proud of him and very excited about his being chosen.
    He seems pro-family and very financially conservative, which is nice.
    We aren’t big fans of his running mate, though. Not against, not for, just…meh.
    So…we’re still not sure how we will vote this election.
    No really good choices (and definitely NOT happy with the status quo.)
    Praying for wisdom, for us and for them, that’s for sure!
    Sarah M. in WI (formerly MI) FB friend of Wendy, mother of 8 (the oldest who is now able to vote! *sniff*)

    • Chris Jeub

      Heh, my sentiments are similar. It seemed like we had a great choice from the VICE presidential nominees, but the presidential nominees were paired down fairly tight. Today I have no conflict in my mind. I’m voting R&R.

  • salamander

    I agree with Sarah M. Not really excited about Romney; and his convictions seem less than solid.

    • Chris Jeub

      Interesting perspective. Romney’s convictions are less than solid, but his voting record is right on. I have a bigger problem with vice versa: so-called “convictions” and they vote the other way once in office. This article had a lot of influence on me:

      • salamander

        Thanks for the link. I guess my issue is his ‘voting’ as governor. Socialized healthcare for massachussets, he used to claimed to be pro-choice, etc. He was quite moderate as governor and I don’t know that he will be conservative enough once elected as president. As a christian, I also am a little leary of his religious viewpoints. I am afraid that he might be more guided by SLC than from the Lord. Now Palin/Ryan ticket would be AWESOME!

        • Chris Jeub

          You’re giving me too much to respond to…maybe another post is in order. For now, real quick:

          1. I’m not against a state-run healthcare system. A FEDERAL healthcare system is socialism. Romney is against the latter, and has vowed to repeal Obamacare. Besides, it sounds like Romney is making Ryan the key leader for Medicare reform.
          2. Romney was NOT moderate as governor. He was conservative when he was elected. That was Coulter’s point and why she (probably the most conservative woman on the planet) supported Romney even in the primaries.
          3. Religious viewpoints: I’m not Mormon, but I agree with a lot of the Mormon family, political and social views. What religious viewpoints are problematic for Romney as president?
          4. Palin/Ryan I agree would have been awesome, but it just didn’t work out that way. Romney/Ryan is in my mind is still very good.

          • salamander

            Agreed– a lot to respond to.
            1. I like a pared down, barebones govt. Romney’s state run healthcare system is the antithesis of that. Federal or State, I want government out of my business, including heathcare.
            2.I read Coulter’s article (thanks for the link). My issue is that his viewpoints changed pro-choice/pro-life, pro-business/pro-government interference (i.e. RomneyCare). I guess in someways you are right, he may have been a bit more conservative as governor. But he pro-life/pro-choice waffling bothers me. A child is a child.
            3. I WAS mormon and I know the doctrine. I am now born-again in Jesus as our Lord and Savior and I realize that LDS church is NOT christian. I am pretty sure that Romney will do what SLC tells him to do. He was not, nor has ever been guided by Jesus. This is a particularly troubling thing for me. (my tag name of ‘salamander’ has to do with the infamous salamander letter)
            4. Actually if Nikki Haley was on the ticket, that wouldn’t bother me either. :)
            Thanks for the opportunity to discuss these issues.

  • Mary Beth

    I know this is jumping the gun but we might not get the president we want now (I am just not sure about Mitt Romney) but we just might in the future. Paul Ryan has a bright future I think.

  • Suzanne

    In my view in this election, not voting is a vote for Obama. I do not love Romney, but he is much better in his stances and views that Obama. Please do not be apathetic and stay home. This is an important election and is so pivotal in the direction that our country will go.

    • Mary Beth

      I totally agree!

  • Nina

    I’m unconvinced by Ryan. He has a track record of voting for stimulus plans back in 2002, asked for stimulus funds for his district in 2010 and voted for the war in Iraq. My husband did a tour there and he, along with tens of thousands of other troops, failed to find any WMD. It was a costly endeavor in both lives lost and billions of dollars unaccounted for. I’m not comfortable with that. Romney’s made comments that make me think he’s eager to have a go at Iran, which is of grave concern.

    Perhaps military members and their spouses can seem a bit odd in their views. We understand firsthand the sacrifice of war and we appreciate that government run health care isn’t the worst thing in the world- Tricare isn’t deluxe, but in the military, everyone works and the families are also covered. Period. Thanks to a change in the law- Obamacare- our son is covered under Tricare for the next few years at a reasonable rate of $176 a month. He is working full time again, but again, it is at a job with no benefits and he could not be covered due to preexisting conditions before (bone tumor) at a price that would not consume half of his salary. I’m grateful for what we have.

    I’ve been watching pie fights and horrific name calling sessions from adults on Facebook as we get closer to the election. A civil place to discuss- such as your site- is appreciated. I won’t say anything negative about Paul Ryan himself, but everyone has issues that matter to them.

  • amrodd

    It isn’t just him being a Mormon that has me concerned but him and conservative GOP making all these horrible comments about rape. Really? Would he call being mugged a blessing?

    • Chris Jeub

      Get your facts straight, amrodd. (1) Ryan isn’t Mormon, (2) he condemned the ONE Republican who mentioned “them horrible comments about rape.”