A Fun Way to Win $50 or a Free Prize

I launched a fun campaign this morning for Training Minds, the 501(c)3 our family operates. I thought perhaps you’d like to join in. The top prize is a $50 gift certificate to Monument Publishing – my publishing company that prints all our books – so I figured you’d like to be included. Even if you’re not part of the speech and debate community, add your #10 suggestion on this list and you’ll be entered for a give-away to be announced on Monday.

Top 10 Ideas to Kick Off Your School Year

  1. Schedule your school days to fit in specific speech and debate time. Try to fit it in everyday, even if it is just reading up on current events.
  2. Get connected with a local club. If there isn’t one in your area, consider starting one with some friends. Here’s a curriculum you could use.
  3. Bring your enthusiasm to your homeschool circle of friends, like co-ops or church. They’ll catch the excitement, and your community will grow.
  4. Have an Open House to bring in people you don’t know. Our club’s Open House is tonight. Check out the details here. If you’re near Monument, Colorado, come on over!
  5. Set up a computer hub at home: a personal Gmail account, Calendar, document cloud, personal bookmarks in Chrome or Firefox, etc. Get set up to learn.
  6. Order or preorder the sourcebooks you need. Here’s a webpage that explains your options. Several deals expire at the end of this month.
  7. Check out the calendars for next year’s competitions and get them on your personal calendar. See Stoa and NCFCA calendars.
  8. Sign up for a speech and/or debate camp. Here’s our last one, in Orlando in October. It’d be great to have you there!
  9. Forward this information to your clubmates and homeschool friends in an email.

Can you think of a #10? Follow the instructions on this page and get your entry in. I’ll announce on Monday the winners. Have fun!

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