Watch the Presidential Debates as a Family

Some of the most memorable experiences as a child were watching the presidential debates with my family. The discussions that followed were always rich. I specifically recall the policies of the time – Reagan’s trickle-down economic plan, missile defense, the Cold War – all hot topics and historial.

I’m coordinating two debate camps – one in Oklahoma and one in Orlando – and both camps will be watching the Presidential Debates tonight. Here’s an idea: pull your family together and join us!

I’ll be LIVE BLOGGING the event on my personal blog ChrisJeub.com. Better yet, I’ve asked top-notch coaches and commentators to join me. This is going to be a ton of fun – enjoyment you will not want to miss – for two great reasons.

1. Commentary

You’ll get commentary from trained coaches and debaters. Better than the talking heads on TV telling you what to think, debaters are trained how to think. Follow with us as we analyze these historic debates. Have your computer out while Mitt Romney and Barack Obama hash out the issues throughout the evening.

Here are the friends who have already signed on with me: Vance TrefethenAndrew PudewaTravis Herche, and Brooke Wade. More will be announced later today.

No matter what your family’s political persuasion, you are in for an enlightening time. This LIVE BLOG will start 1/2 hour before the debates, and I hope you make an effort to watch along with us. But we also want you to join us, the second reason…

2. Conversation

You’ll be able to participate in the greater conversation. There are several ways to stay in the loop…

  1. Comment at the bottom of the page.
  2. Tweet with the hashtag #debates (and include @chrisjeub)
  3. Subscribe to chrisjeub.com. I’ll be posting follow up articles and discussions.
  4. Like the Training Minds Facebook page or subscribe to Coach Jeub’s personal Facebook profile
  5. Send your pics or comments straight to me at chrisjeub@gmail.com.

Or just keep up with our comments. My ultimate goes is to get you excited for this election. Be a part of the discussion and the dialogue by joining us.

So pop open your computer and watch the debates with me, the coaches, the commentators and the debaters at our two Training Minds Debate Camps. And let’s have fun!

Visit ChrisJeub.com/presidential-debates

About Chris Jeub

Chris is the father of 16 children, busily running the family businesses and learning the depths of love along the way.

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    I know you’ve been busy with debate camps and your other blog, but are you going to post here anymore? Miss the family news.

    • http://www.chrisjeub.com/ Chris Jeub

      You are encouraging. Yes, we plan to post more, but Wendy is really getting into a new homeschool curriculum that is sucking up her time. You and others are on our minds, though. Thanks for asking!