Building Our Home Office Suite

We’re transforming our garage into a Home Office Suite. Follow the details at ChrisJeub.com.

A home is one of the most important assets in a family’s life. Little more is satisfying than the comfortable backdrop of home-sweet-home – for our children, our loved ones, and ourselves. We have constantly worked on our house since we bought it in 2000, our home becoming more and more like our castle.

Though it has been 12 years living in Colorado, there are some significantly rundown areas of our home that need attention. We’ve got good excuses, sure, like having 14 children running around the house (beat that!), but we still feel like our castle is lacking some tender loving care.

Let me give you an outlook of our castle development, then include you in our new projections. I bet this is going to help you focus on your castle, perhaps give you some ideas and added enthusiasm into making your home a better place to live fully alive.

1. Our Most Productive Years

We moved to Colorado for a job at Focus on the Family. The house was (and still is) a fixer-upper, and we took it on with enthusiasm. I worked fulltime, but on weekends and holidays I’d tear into walls and landscape the 6.5 acres. Wow, the things we accomplished:

  • Moved the laundry room (was more like a closet) to 1/4 of the garage, creating a laundry shoot that dropped straight into the room from the main floor.
  • Took down the old back deck (it was falling apart) and built a huge new one. It’s rock solid, more stable than our entire house.
  • Walled up the garage and created a storage/workshop area and a guest room (which later became my office).
  • Built a shed in the back yard and extended one off the back of the house.
  • Sided the house with vinyl siding.
  • Installed a wood-burning stove and a chimney.
  • Moved the stairwell to create an additional room upstairs which currently serves as a dresser room and a small office.
  • Leveled off the backyard for a large play and trampoline area.
  • Mowed a walking trail to the creek.
  • Tore down the kitchen walls and remodeled the entire kitchen/living/dining area.

That’s a lot of work, wouldn’t you say? We’re very proud of the progress, but it slowed down considerably in 2004.

2. When Remodeling Slowed Down and Why

Guess what happened in May of 2004? Self-employment. I left Focus on the Family and pursued my dream. I had already set up the 501(c)3 Training Minds Ministry and the accompanying publishing company Monument Publishing. Wendy and I had stars in our eyes and enthusiasm, but excess time on weekends and holidays were out the window. (Funny how that happens when you venture into self-employment, but that’s another issue.)

But living didn’t stop. We continued to have children, and we continued to live fully alive. The last child we had in our “employed” life was Hannah, and since have had Josiah, Havilah and Joshua the twins, Priscilla, Zech and Elijah. To say the lease, we’ve been feeling the walls move in, the space crunch.

And to make matters even tighter, I moved my business home January 2011. We now have a storage bin in the front yard for the business goods and the downstairs guest room has become a modest office. Life is fun, but space is tight.

3. Getting Back to the Fixing Up

Though we did a lot back in the employed days, we still have a lot of work to do. Wendy and I have decided to pick our enthusiasm back up again and continue dedicating time and money to remodeling the house. First item on the list: building a home office suite.

We’ve handled the home office haphazardly over the years. Both Wendy and I need a place to retreat and take care of family business, but where? Our bedroom used to have a desk, but now it has a crib. The upstairs office is too close to the commotion of the house, and is more of a changing and dressing room anyway. The guest room downstairs (which is where my desk resides now) is a high-traffic area that is cold in the winters and hot in the summers. Look, we’re self-employed and need to take care of business, and our current situation just doesn’t do it.

So, we’re building a home office. Not just a room with a desk, a suite. And I want you to follow the project with us. We’ll post when we’re done here at JeubFamily.com, but follow along the details by subscribing to ChrisJeub.com. I’ll be posting daily with pictures and stories:

Building a Home Office Suite

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About Chris & Wendy Jeub

The Jeub Family live in Monument, Colorado. They encourage couples to love God and love one another, building an atmosphere of love in their homes.

  • sfrederick

    Good for you guy’s!! I know the feeling. We have 14kids- 13 of them are still with us ages 1- 20. I hope you get everything in order!There is never enough time in a day is there! Take Care.

    • http://www.chrisjeub.com/ Chris Jeub

      It’s fun taking pictures of the project. I flew my dad in from Minnesota to help, so the garage is full of activity. Stay tuned to chrisjeub.com for the updates.

  • mary spilman

    Best wishes as you create the new space. When we bought our current home we took was a 3 season room off the master bedroom and made it my husbands office. It had a hot tub and out door stuff in it. We completely redid it and made it into a 4 season room. My husband loves working in it. I chuckled at you sharing that your home is a castle. I tell my husband that all the time. I am so thankful for the space we have for all the kids to play, live and school.

    • http://www.chrisjeub.com/ Chris Jeub

      A hottub in the office? What an idea! =)

  • http://www.chrisjeub.com/ Chris Jeub

    Day 1 is behind us: framing and electricity. Check out the update: http://www.chrisjeub.com/the-best-use-of-space-for-my-office-suite/