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This book got read BIG TIME in our house. Chris read it to the kids last summer and my ladies book group will be reading it next month. We are planning to give a few to some relatives. Ken Davis’ Fully Alive is our favorite book of the year because it was so packed with inspiration, the same kind of inspiration you find in our books.

Now we have a package that is full of value to offer you, but we only have this for a limited time. You have the chance to win a signed copy, too! Here’s what you get for only $14.95:

  • Hardcover edition of Fully Alive by Ken Davis
  • Bonus DVD “Sings of Life”
  • Option to add my book Love in a Diet for 50% off

That’s a lot of value for only $14.95. A perfect Christmas gift, wouldn’t you say? But first, let me explain why Fully Alive is so valued in my family.

Why I Think You Should Read Fully Alive

If you’ve read my book Love in a Diet, you know that living healthy and purposeful means taking care of yourself and keeping focused on the life God has created you to live. Ken’s book runs along the exact same track.

The title of the book comes from St. Ireneaus, “The Glory of God is man fully alive.” I want little more than for you to discover abundant living. God has a great and marvelous plan for you and your family, and He wants nothing more than to see you live it out without limits.

Really, is there anything else in life to aspire to than living fully alive in Christ? At times, we need encouragement and direction, and Ken’s book is all about that. I try my best to encourage you on this blog and in my books. And to tell you the truth, I rarely come across someone who gets to the truth of it all like I saw in Ken’s Fully Alive.

I hope that convinces you to get the book. We’re selling them for a limited time on our online store, packages with Ken’s “Signs of Life” DVD and the option for my diet book at 1/2 price. Order it! And if you help us spread the word about it, we’ll enter your name into a drawing for a signed copy…

How to Win Your Signed Copy

I’m so excited about this book that I just have to share it with you. Chris has been working with Ken Davis for the past couple years, and Ken signed some books for a ladies book group I’m in. I have on extra to share with you! Here’s how to win:

  1. Share this page on Twitter and/or Facebook.
    Spread the word of this great deal. I sincerely want everyone to have and read this book! Use the helpful links at the bottom of the page. Link to this page or to the book’s web address:
  2. Enter to win!
    Fill out the form below. If you already own the book and want a chance win the signed copy, go ahead and enter. If you order the book, too, I’ll duplicate your entry, giving you TWICE the chance to win!

I’ll draw a winner on Sunday and get your book out to you by Christmas. Help spread the word about living FULLY ALIVE. It’s a worthy thing to spread around the Internet. And who knows, you may win the signed copy!

How to Order Your Copy

Only one person will get a signed copy, but you need to own this book yourself regardless. If you order from Monument Publishing you get a DVD along with it!

Order Fully Alive + DVD for only $14.95

As mentioned, my book Love in a Diet runs along the very same theme of living fully alive. At checkout, Monument Publishing leaves you the option of ordering my book along with it for 50% off (regularly $14.95). This is an option you can add if you like.

I rarely recommend a book as enthusiastically as I am recommending Ken Davis’ Fully Alive. Order yours today, and I hope you win the signed copy. God bless your abundant living!

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  • Sundi Jo Graham

    This book is awesome! Whoever wins will be blessed.