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Shane is one of the youngest law students at UofM right now. This was him back in the day, one of Training Minds students. He married his partner, Kaitlin, last week.

Shane is one of the youngest law students at UofM right now. This was him back in the day, one of Training Minds students. He married his debate partner, Kaitlin, last week.

Training Minds is an organization that creates camps, coaching and curriculum that, in turn, creates a lot of tremendous stories in young people’s lives.

I’d like to share with you one story, one that involves three students threaded together over the past few years. They’re ready for action…

  • Cody Herche. You may know Cody. He’s a debate legend, 2006 Titlist, and author of Keys to Cross-Examination. He hasn’t been a Training Minds coach for the past couple years because he is pursuing a law degree at Cornell. Last summer he had internship that only the top students in his class earned. He gave me this complement not too long ago: “Without Keys to Cross-Examination in my portfolio, I would have never made it this far.” I’m bubbling proud of Cody.
  • Shane Baumgardner. When Cody was coaching, he spent a good deal of time on Shane, a young man with a solid head on his shoulders. Cody mentored and trained him. Shane, together with his debate partner Kaitlin, became even bigger legends in debate. At one point, they won 40 ballots in a row without losing a single one. Both of them became Training Minds coaches after high school graduation. Shane is currently studying law at the U of Minn at the very young age of 18. He returned to Colorado last weekend to marry his old debate partner, Kaitlin, and they’re off to Minnesota to finish the law degree. (click for an incredibly adorable picture)
  • Brooke Wade. Shane’s student was a young lady in Florida. She is just as optimistic as Shane was, and Shane coached her at our Florida camp and beyond. Brooke – just like Shane before her, and Cody before Shane – went on to win top titles in both Stoa and NCFCA. Brooke is now Training Minds’ youngest coach.

This is just a taste of the tremendous heritage we’re building at Training Minds. I have many stories that are just as encouraging. I wanted to share this with you because I honestly believe…

Giving to Training Minds is the best investment you can make in young people. [Tweet this.]

Sure, I’m biased. I love these kids and I want nothing but the best for their future. But you know what? Training Minds played a big part in their growing up, and I want to give the same to other kids in the future. I want…

  • More camps
  • More coaching
  • More curriculum

But this takes financial support. These programs cost money and need your help. Especially if you benefited from Training Minds in the past, please take the time to give to the next generation of leaders.

Thank you for your consideration, and God bless you in 2013! 

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